Weight descriptions?

Hi. First off, love where this game is going, and have been playing it for a couple days now. Just had a few questions and was wondering if anyone could help me out.

First, is there somewhere you can see descriptions of each body part as you gain? All that I get when I go over to the appearance tab is a description of how many chins I have, how my armor fits, but not much else. I know the mirror is still under construction, but I read other people in the forum talk about descriptions of each body part as it grows, and was wondering if I was missing something stupid.

Also, in character creation, what do the numbers for the fatness of each body part do? I noticed the highest number you can enter is 5, I assumed this is basically rating on which area of your body the fat will be stored on a scale of 0-5, but I don’t see how this plays out in the game at all.

Either way, fun game, interesting concept, and I look forward to more features being added (especially the mirror). Thanks for taking the time to make this, Cryptic. Peace.

Thanks for the kind words. Glad you’re enjoying the game so far :)!

To answer your first question, there is pretty much just a lack of dialogue. There are a few specific references to your body parts in events, like in the weight gain fairy event on the first floor it mentions your belly hanging over your waistband, and just small little touches to the dialog like that. But as far as a place where you can see a summary of every body part and how it looks at the present, that doesn’t exist yet. It was going to be viewable in the mirror with the option to turn around and even do some gestures and poses, but I just haven’t had the time to write the dialog for that event.

The numbers for each body part on your character creation screen do exactly as you say, they just mean that body part will be fatter (every number equates to +1 BMI). If you want to see how it applies, try gaining weight while wearing the tank top and jeans. If you have say, belly+5, the text for how that outfit fits around your waist will likely be one step ahead of the rest of your body.