Weight gain adjacent game just got custom character support

The game I’m talking about is Pawperty Damage and it basically plays like a 3d Rampage, you get taller by doing property damage

Anyways, yesterday the game got an update adding custom characters, it uses Unity for anyone interested that has the know-how

Edit: There’s already a modded character that gets fatter as they get bigger


I don’t get it… What do you mean by “weight gain adjacent” if there is no weight gain in that game? There is specific modification which make changes to custom body shape key to move when character get points?

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Nevermind, I contacted creator of this game and he told me which shape key I need to create. I will try to install unity and create modification on this game by following guide.


Any success on this endeavor? the game is rather baron when it comes to goofy mods

Well, it is easy to mod if you follow by guide from creator of game. You can just create a shape key which change character body shape and when character grow this shape key will change from zero to maximum. The only question is whether there is any point in wasting time if the game has absolutely no gameplay and is boring to play.

Yeah it was fun for a bit but 2 levels is not a lot