weight gain AND stuffing farming game?

alright, so i know there’s been a couple examples/ideas done on this, but here me out

farming sim game, where you gift meals and food to women to stuff them and make them gain weight.

core idea: instead of it being an actual full blown farming sim, you’re essentially stuck in a small pocket world, having to grow crops, cook them into meals, and donate them to goddess to both grow their power, and make them grow(fat). the bigger they get, the more bonuses they give you(upgrades and such)

you would have access to various other areas aside from the farm, there would be a forest for berries, a river for fish, a cave for mushrooms, and all three would have unique herbs to enhance meals

finally the goddesses themselves:
goddess of light
body shape: gains weight all over
increasing her power would expand your farm, and increase time during day(days can be easily passed by sleeping)

goddess of water
body shape: apple
increasing her power would grant access to the river and fishing rod/traps, improve the fish found in the river, and your watering can

goddess of nature
body shape: pear
increasing her power would grant access to the forest and a seed maker, improve what you could find in the forest, and improve your hoe

goddess of fire
body shape: top heavy(boobs and belly)
increasing her power would grant access to the caves, improve your finds in the caves, and improve your oven(more recipes, less ingredients)

goddess of night
body shape: hourglass
increasing her power would increase time during the night(unique things can be found during the night)

and that’s about it. maybe some more interaction, maybe some snusnu, idk


I love the idea of this! Definitely something I would like to see get realized.

Sounds pretty interesting