weight gain,breast/ass expansion,inflation, or preg games or books

ive been looking for games or books. honestly just throw anything you think is intresting at me i will read it or play it


for pregnancy I can only recommend Preggopixels’ Seeds of Destiny.
For breast expansion there was a little arcade game called breast Quest I found.

As for books i have no idea what those are I cannot read

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That is a wide array of fetishes, there are the normal tags to search on the site of course. #weight-gain, #breast-expansion, #ass-expansion, #inflation, #pregnancy. That might help you discover somethings/narrow down your search.

Outside of that I have a list put together for games I have played and would recommend for weight gain. Krod’s weight gain games recommendation list - Projects - Weight Gaming. It also has loads of tags on it while the games on it are largely WG focused there are some that include other fetishes like BE, AE, Preg, etc, and are labeled as such.

The developer of the BE game White Russian, Nekoma games, has a nice BE specific list they have assembled.
Nekomas_BE_List.pdf (4.1 MB)

Hellbrain has a few good pregnancy/expansion focused games.

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