Weight gain/feederism card game idea

I’ve had this idea floating in my head for a while, but I never bothered to share it until now, so here we go:

A while back I learned how to play “Legend of the Five Rings” (L5R) & got hooked! Before I learned to play that, however, I learned how to play its sister game “Legend of the Burning Sands” (LBS) & really enjoyed its mechanics. I had thought up a card game utilizing LBS’s mechanics (especially that of raiding opponents’ water supply) for a feeding game about fattening princesses in a bid to rule the lands. But the main culprit from which this idea bloomed actually comes from a children’s game that we got for my little niece called “Little Bird, Big Appetite” in which you have a series of 4 cards, each depicting a stage in growth of a bird, one flipped after another by “feeding” the bird its required food types depicted on the back of each card. From these, my idea spun that you have 4 cards depicting your princess at different weights getting progressively fatter. Each weight stage requires progressively more food to reach the next & the player who reaches the final weight stage wins the game. However, in order to get the food necessary, you must either produce the food yourself or raid your opponents’ food supplies. Players win either by having their princess reach her final weight stage (possibly also requiring some special action once there) or being the last kingdom standing by eliminating all other players from the game through conquest.

I have been working on a story as well for the game to give explanations for the hows & whys of the game. Thus far I’ve used the idea from L5R that there is an overarching empress who is observing the battles to choose a successor to the throne. Each player declares their candidate princess & the game progresses from there. So far the only explanation I came up with for why the heirs are female is that the lands must be ruled by “One who can create life” meaning only women who can become pregnant are eligible. I have even come up with a sort of way to introduce vore in, although my explanation considers vore to be evil & those who practice it are deformed in some way (extra mouths, contorted limbs, etc.) with a mechanic which allows them to sacrifice personalities to create food. Basically, those who practice vore are akin to wendigos, though they don’t necessarily have to be hideous, but more “cursed” by their actions.

I’m no artist, but I am full of ideas for this (though some are far too ambitious) so If anyone wanted to take this idea & run with it, I’d be willing to be a sort of consultant, coming up with ideas for cards & mechanics & doing whatever I can. I’ll try to write down & post up a sort of story draft & what rules I’ve come up with thus far & post them later. Right now I have to get ready for work.

Thank you all for your time reading my mad ravings & God bless you all!


So I’ve just written a very basic story for the game:

Long ago, “the world” was lush & fertile, until the sudden appearance of the “Vore”, creatures of insatiable appetites that eat anything & everything in their path. Humanity was almost destroyed, until the “Golden Empress” arrived, created a lush land & drove the “Vore” into the “southern wastelands”. The “Golden Empress” ruled for 1000 years, having her “12” daughters govern the lands of her empire, until she declared her reign over. To name her successor, each of the “12” clans would declare a princess, “who would drink of the golden ichor,” then be fattened until her girth outweighs all others. Each clan seeks the throne & all its privileges, descending into battle against one another to determine who will lead the “Golden Empire”.

This is just a bare bone, basic story with room to expand upon certain aspects later. Italicized quotations are parts I deemed subject to change which include names & numbers.
The basic idea would be to have several different factions to choose from. I chose 12, but that can be increased or decreased & doesn’t count nonhuman factions (including the Vore). Like in L5R, each human faction is made up of multiple families, each having their own princess or princesses. The Princesses take the role of L5R & LBS’s strongholds being the representation of your faction & having unique abilities/bonuses. The big question would be whether to use the L5R system (in which you have 2 decks, each containing certain card types & having 4 provinces) or the LBS system (where you have only 1 deck & several storehouses).

I know you say you’re no artist, but if you need some pointers for making this yourself I’m sure the community could give a lot of useful advice. For example, you can use programs like Daz3D to make the images, and depending on how the game works you could potentially make it in RenPy.