Weight gain for party members and a class suggestion

The first point Is kinda self explanatory you have confirmed that we will be able to acquire party members at some point I think it would be fun if they could also gain weight, this would also allow them to have different body types and opinions on fat, depending of course on how much personality you want to give them.
My second suggestion is for a spell caster who can also attack physically. It would probably be limited to weaker spells but would also gain some skills for physical attacking.

Also I feel as though fairys should be nerfed as right now they make it too easy to lose weight…

Anyway best of look with the game and I hope development is going well. :slight_smile:

Party members will be able to gain weight, just as NPCs you can form relationships can. However you cannot change their personalities, hairstyles, body types, or opinions on fat (perhaps if you go down their relationship maybe their views towards fat slowly change, if you catch my drift). It’s way too hard to create dialog if you’re able to customize every aspect of an NPC in your party.

I don’t have anything planned for a physical/magical hybrid class yet. Once I get the basic classes out of the way I’ll start looking at ideas for more complicated ones.