Weight Gain, Idle Clicking and Dating (Adult?) Game (Untitled For Now)


  • No title has been decided yet.

I’ve been developing this idea for quite a while and decided to lay down concepts once I found this fantastic forum. It’s a sort-of limited idle clicking (such as Cookie Clicker), and an indie dating game (specifically for reference, the gameplay, and visuals being inspired by Blush Blush a Desktop dating game). The target audience of this game is people who enjoy fat furs, weight gain, and more specifically male characters. Still indecisive about the game’s unavailability or availability of NSFW content, but the tags quoted are already enough to be suggestive/questionable. :sweat_smile:

Note that everything that I’m laying out, for now, is up for changes, this is all just a concept for the base of the game and I would like to hear opinions from others on how I can improve this idea.
Also just to mention, sorry if this topic sounds confusing sometimes, due to me being a new user I’m limited to posting embed files or links.


In a modern furry world a proclaimed food laboratory “X Industries” is excited to introduce their first project “GNG (Get and Gain) Academy” the first-ever gym for furs who want to put some fat weight.
As a hired trainer your job is to guide multiple fur characters into their gain journey.


Concept of the main screen (Featuring Nick Wilde as a character example).

You will be able to interact with them in some ways, by talking and flirting, hobbies, and possibly even more. But the main interaction is it being: feeding!

  • Game Coins
    The game has two main coin systems, gold and hot-dold
    Gold is the main cash to expend, and the hot-dold works as more of a rare, like a diamond sort of material, to spend on other tasks

Important to note: I didn’t figure out a way yet to farm gold itself on the game, I would appreciate to get advice on what I can do on this aspect too

  • Characters
    You will start with one character at a time, but you will be able to unlock other characters throughout the game when you make more progress

    • In this concept I’m only using one image of the character due to it being you know, a concept. But the idea is for their sprite to change depending on how much pounds they get, not just changing their body part sizes, but completely redrawing it with different poses and expressions
    • Other details include making little movement on the character’s body parts when clicked during being fed.
  • Feeding
    Feed the character by clicking on the screen, what you’re feeding specifically is the food that you selected on the “Shop”. Buy new types of food with higher calories using the game’s coin to help you feed higher amounts of food.
    There is a weight meter at the top of the character that will show its weight and goals

    Although you can see half of its capacity is locked, to unlock it you need what’s called “Love Points”

    • Love Points
      Love points it’s a subcategory of coin that’s produced when you “flirt” with a character, you get these points specifically after playing interactive cutscenes with them.

Flirt category and Sketch example of an interactive cutscene

  • You get a specific amount of love points during this interactive mode depending on the areas that you choose to interact with. A limited time included.

    • Once the Love Points bar reaches the specified goal, you are ready to unlock the other half of the capacity of your character and start feeding again.
  • Hobby: as previously seen in the flirt category you need to upgrade levels of certain types of hobbies of the character to get to unlock them.

Info and Hobby Category

  • I’m still trying to figure out another sub-category of a coin to limit the player on which hobby to choose, there is just too much information to think about in these aspects so I’m staying simplistic for now.

  • Other Interactions

    • Talk: as the name says, you talk to the character, when pressed a random text box pops up with information that can help the player to choose the right hobbies to level up to this character, it can also pop up relevant text about the story around the game like the “X Industries” or how the characters ended up there, and etc.

    • Info: when pressed the biography and other information about the character pops up, that information can be helpful to choose the right hobbies to level up for the character.

  • Powerups
    Powerups help the player to feed the character during a small period of time. They appear randomly on the screen, it can variate from automatic clicking; duplicating your current multiplier, or even giving free amounts of gold or hot-dold and more.

  • Shop
    A place to buy multiple cosmetics to help the gain journey of a character. You can buy food with more calories to grand higher amounts of feeding.
    Through the shop, you can also buy accessories for the character like sunglasses, hats, wrist accessories, rings, etc.
    I’m still gonna figure out how to make the consumption of these accessories impactful for the gameplay, but for now, it’s just simple skins
    You can also increase permanently your click multiplier using a specific amount of hot-dold coins
    And you can also buy powerups from there using the hot-dold coins as well.

  • Achivements
    As the name says achievements are goals that when reached, you get a reward in return, that reward being specific amounts of the hot-dold coin or even exclusive accessories.

  • Other

    • Settings screen, a simple screen to change configurations of gameplay

    • Cutscenes in-between the gameplay whenever you achieve a weight goal that changes the sprite of the character, maybe a button pop animatic, one where the character just belches loudly, etc

    • Other aspects such as the menu, extras, or credits are up to speculation and worthy writting down only when truly developing the game. A gallery section to select photos or cutscenes that are displayed during gameplay.

  • Conclusion

    • About me
      I don’t have skills in programming, but I have skills in adobe illustrator, 3d modeling, digital 2d art, and a bit of writing, I’ve just made an account on this forum just to publish these concepts. If you wanna find me somewhere else you can go to my furaffinity: Caninblek, or Twitter @smellingrat, I’m trying to post more art in my furaffinity to record my journey in the community

    • What now?
      I’m still gonna change a lot of things I’ve listed. The reason I’m sharing it here is to get advice on what to do with this idea? where should I take from here, what should I change? Are you someone who is interested in collaborating on a project like this?
      I wanna thank you if you’ve read all the way here, I would be more than glad to hear your opinion on what should I improve. This was just an idea about a joyful silly game about fat furs that has been in my head for a year, and I’ve still got a lot to learn about developing games. I believe I can do something out of this, but even if no opportunity comes up it’s okay, laying this out and sharing as enough accomplishment! :slight_smile:


Dang, I wish I knew how to code. The mockups here look well done.




make the image a little lower res phoenix

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Well these mockups are great, you’ve got the vision for your project founded it seems!

I sadly have no skills to actively contribute, but I have an idea regarding obtaining gold; you/player character could run errands (either for other main characters or just unnamed, faceless NPCs) and it leads to a short dialogue event (much like certain sidequests in Yakuza 0). With this system you could also add certain things that the character you’re coaching did while you were gone (leading to weight gain or loss, pseudo-random determined by relationship)

With that, I’ll be watching this thread and project unfold :+1::100:


woah, this is a really cool idea! i know this is just a mockup for now, but i’m excited to see how everything plays out!


All righty then. (I apologize for the tangent here.)


Hey this looks pretty interesting. Your concept is really neat and really gives a personal and visual vibe in feeding and weight gain. Having the character’s change their poses and expressions as they add weight gives them more personality and depth to their character.

The feeding is an interesting mechanic you could probably add a favorite/dislike mechanic to that where the player has to experiment with food items to find out what they prefer with favorite items having them gain more weight or having feeding sessions last longer. Also hiding in hints to gives player’s a clue what character will like and dislike.

It does have great promise, I look forward to hearing more about it!

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l was on board with the idea, up until I saw the fatal words “I don’t have skills in programming”. I’m sorry to say that without a means to realise and bring your own ideas into effect, the reality is that this idea won’t be taking off anytime soon. Not without the miracle prospect of finding a coder so sold upon the concept alone that they would be willing to invest time and effort on their part - single-handedly no less - so as to realise someone else’s vision… Pretty unlikely, no?

At such an early stage in a project, a primary coder effectively calls the shots. Progress on getting a build up and running doesn’t happen without them and so you can only work around their schedule, their skill capacity and their own creative leanings. If this person isn’t you, then you’re going to have a hard time maintaining control over the project.

The harsh reality is that people only look to collaborate when prospects are good so as to not have their time and energy wasted, and the surest means of securing collaborative support is to have a functioning, viable build that can be presented to others. People are interested, as you can see from the above responses, but they are interested in seeing the project come to life ie, for further work to be established first. An idea alone, even a detailed and pretty one such as this, is sadly not enough of a foundation to substantiate trust in a project.

If you are serious about wanting to see this, or at least something as near as possible to this, come to life then your options could be to either:

  1. Take the time to learn how to write code and build up your skills on smaller, iterative projects in which you can practise implementing these systems before bringing those lessons together into a functioning build for this idea.

  2. Use your talents in UI design to work with others and collaborate on other projects. Work on game jam teams, assist with fellow developers who are in need of your talents, and ultimately build trust and rapport with trusted colleagues who would be willing to work with you on this idea to get a build up and running.

From the options available, your idea in its current form may well need to be shelved for now, as harsh as that may sound. It will take time to get back to this stage, either by building your own skills or by working alongside others on their projects. Keep it in mind to guide your decisions - either in your own personal development or in finding and working along the right-minded talent - and hopefully you will get there soon enough.


Is this purely male, or do you plan to include at least a few female characters?

i agree with this part here. Plus, as, an artist, why not make a little non interactive video on what the game would look like to garner interest?


Hi there I really am liking this one it seems so interesting