Weight Gain Island Text Adventure [Abandoned]

[About starting a project and never finishing it:
When I began working on this game I had high hopes about what I could do and barely any idea on how to get there. I wanted to make an open world pseudo-RPG following in the footsteps of “noone’s Weight Gain RPG”. After getting this prologue done however I got busy with college and life gave me many other things to get busy with after that. I do still remember this project from time to time and I would really love to see my grand vision complete but I don’t see myself achieving that on the near future. That’s why I feel the best is to call it “abandoned” until future me discovers it again. A lot of thanks to the few that liked the demo/prelude or saw potential in it. Your comments made my day.]

Hello! This is my first proyect: A text adventure featuring an island where you can eat about as much as you want. But where does the food come from? Why are the pigs intent on feeding you? Is there a way to put an end to the endless cycle of fattening? Or will you fall under your own weight?

So far I only have a demo/prototipe made in twine. It’s a basic idea of how I want the game to start out, just that.

New version 0.02 expands the story a bit and gives you a small taste of free will. A very small one.

Weight Gain Island Text Adventure 0.02.7z (88.8 KB)

If people are interested in the concept I will be more than glad to expand on it (pun intended) and develop the world further.

If you want more info on game mechanics/lore/etc. comment on here and I’ll be happy to answer.

Please do point out any mistakes and feel free to propose ideas to add to the game.

I have almost no experience in game development and would love any help you can give me. Specially pointing me out to useful tutorials.

That´s all! I hope you like this thing I made in a single day.


Very fun to read can’t wait for more later on!

Something tells me that words aren’t enough. There should be like, a weight counter or something.


For some reason, all I seem to be seeing is a black screen when I try and load up the html? Any ideas on that?

I have no idea. It works fine for me. What browser are you using?

It didn’t work when it opened automatically in Microsoft edge but it worked when I copied the link to a different browser (chrom) so id recommend that

I’m using chrome, where all I get is a black screen. When I try it on firefox it comes up fine.

That’s weird. I’m currently using Chrome to develop and test the game. Did you try to close and load the game more than once?