Weight gain mods like body slider for other games

Are there any bodyslide type mods for games other than Skyrim/fallout? Would love to know if I could customize a fat character in some other games I may not know about.

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Id reccomend you take a look at the general games tab for that. Off of my head I think only the sims has something similar…other than that, customizability like body slide is kind of only seen in Skyrim and fallout Im afraid ^^’.
There is another mod that Id reccomend, for monster hunter world made by https://mobile.twitter.com/rabuhandoru?lang=en. Youd have to scroll through his twitter to find it though…depending on what mod folder you install theres a good variety of sizes to choose from. Sadly the version with jiggle physics is buggy, but hey…better than nothing. ^^’

There is one, I think, for The Sims 3 known as the Master Controller that not only allows the player to edit the body sliders, but several other things.