Weight Gain Picrew/Avatar Maker?

I’ve already found one WG picrew (おにくJKメーカー|Picrew), but it can be quite limited. It only shows face and upper chest, there are only two hair color options, no clothing customization, etc.

What if an artist (I’m not one, lol) made another full body one, with the ability to make characters at different stages of a gain from skinny to immobile? I use picrews and avatar makers with fat options to design characters, so that’s why I ask.

Basically, all I’m asking for is full-body representation, more customization, and clothing options.


What if someone drew a full body character creator set with all the bells and whistles? Well… I guess it would exist then…

I have thought about making one a few times, but then I think about how much work it would take.