Weight gain rogue-like

so i was thinking of making a rogue-like (somewhat like hades, or ember knights, i made another post about it here) and i needed ideas, what could make it good? i was wondering how to make gain weight = good. i wish i knew what else to put here but i have no idea where to start and need some ideas (i cant really promise this game is gonna be made, its just a concept atm)


on the top of my head for fat = good

the most basic would just be getting more hp and damage resistance with weight

magic could be channeled through the body in a way where: more body = better. could also be a max mana is tied to weight type thing.
you could make it more RTS/pikmin like if you tie the casters weight/body size to the number of summons they can summon at a time

if the combat is more grapple focused then being heavier makes for better suplexes or tackles. you would also be harder to throw or push around. could also have ground smashing moves with a bit of aoe.

you could eat more without getting full so you can eat/drink more things that gives you buffs

if the combat revolves around guns then you could handle the recoil from heavier caliber weapons when you are heavier

you could also just make it so whatever gives xp also makes you fat. so it is like the powerlevel of the player character goes up by 2 because of the level but also back 1 because of the extra fat. though that is less weight = good and more how to get around weight = bad but also raise the players powerlevel


Okay I might have gotten an idea from this. At the beginning there’s a limit on how much weight you can gain, and exp from monsters boosts that limit so you can gain weight more and more, making it more replay able. You think that would be too annoying / limiting?

as long as you do some balancing around it, it should work

what kind of balancing would you suggest?

The critical thing about rogue-like is the flexibility in what abilities you have and how they can be chained. Game-breaking things can be allowed as long as it’s not easily accessible. Yamhead above has listed several things but there needs to be some backlash of being heavier, debuffs that will ensure one can’t stay massive (or rail-thin) throughout the game.

This can be implemented in a variety of ways; puzzles or platforming that is weight dependent (you can perhaps include inflation to give the player so they can reach higher platforms), enemies that will be easier to fight while thin (while having enemies that can be dealt easily while heavy as well), and what potential abilities can be used while thin or heavy (with some being mutually exclusive to certain weight levels).

If bosses are on your mind you have to come up with a way for the player to beat them at all weight levels, you can allow for some weight levels to be harder compared to others but as long as it is possible then go for it. I’m unsure where you’ll go with this but will no doubt be interesting once its in development.


I wouldn’t know because in order to balance a game you have to playtest it

I don’t think there needs to be a backlash to being heavier. if being heavier is treated more or less as having a higher level, then you wouldn’t. I have never seen a rogue-like where things have been locked off based on how low level you are or what ability you don’t have, only how high level you are and what ability you have.

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I’m thinking of how certain abilities have cooldowns or consume magic or action points, as well as being restricted to certain attack directions and such. Like being heavy will allow easy use of heavier guns (as you said) but maybe perhaps make it that smaller guns are either unusable or have lower accuracy due to your thick fingers. It doesn’t need to be massive backlash, just enough to switch up the playstyle.

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An easy way to make fat good is to make it a direct ressource that you expend and will always want more of. Weight=mana/energy.

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