Weight gain rpg idk

So I have this idea about a game about weight gain (of course) and while you fight your enemies one of the ways you can defeat them is by making them too fat to even attack and that goes for your teammates too, but with a price because as you/your allies or your enemies gets fatter their stats change like getting fatter lowers speed but increases defense (or something of the sorts) and there can be different body weight styles like the weight focusing on the belly or focusing on the butt or getting split between boobs and butt or just average split between boobs, butt, and belly.

I’d really like to see this come to life, I don’t care what people do with it like what characters they make (but I kinda hope they’re furries or scalies or something, sorry if that’s picky) or what kind of plot they do, also I’d be glad to hear and/or give suggestions to who ever wants to, I thank you for reading this and once again I hope this can come to life one day.


TBH, this sounds like it could be lot’s of fun with an Overlord(Game, not anime)-esque protagonist, who fattens the enemies and then adds them to his/her collection of fatties, from power, to genuine fetish, to delusion to who knows!


Lard gun, fat ray gun, Chocolate bomb. All of that.

In Hungry Elves a main feature in the game is being able to feed certain enemies to the point where they can’t fight back. You can also make your teammates and other npcs bigger but theres no drawback to this and is actually encouraged.

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