Weight gain/ stuffing action RPG in a similar style to PSO2: NGS with sandbox elements.

This is a bit of an idea I’ve had, and I’m yet again building off of my old ideas. Essentially, the game will take place in a medieval fantasy setting with some sci-fi thrown in there for fun. For instance, all the locations, major landmarks, and so on will be medieval in looks, but there will be technology running off of mana. A sort of “what if we had technology in ‘The Hobbit’ type of deal.” The combat will be similar to PSO2: NGS with very fast, timing based attacks and counters. On top of that, the game will take place on a procedurally generated world using small, smooth voxels for terrain. Roughly half the size of the voxels in 7 days to die. You can only edit the terrain, and buildings with the correct tool so you don’t tear up buildings while fighting. The enemies are going to be your standard goblins, golems, and so on. In this universe, your weight signifies your overall beauty, and also counts as “natural armor”. Fatter characters take less damage, but move slower. Magic using characters benefit a lot from being extremely fat.

Elf: has high magic damage, quickly regens mana, low defense.
Human: jack of all trades, master of none. Can use all classes.
Dwarf: masters of minerals, fastest diggers, most inventory space, high defense, but requires ale.
Hobbit: medium magic damage, gets fat quicker.
Demon: doesn’t lose speed when fat, very high melee damage, medium magic damage, requires the most food to maintain weight.


Mage: magic using class with elemental, and neutral spells. Elemental spells cost mana, neutral spells don’t, but deal a lot less damage.
Warrior: Tank class, high damage, doesn’t use magic.
Explorer: Standard “use everything” class. Can use magic, bows, swords, armor, you name it. Doesn’t excel at one weapon type.
Assassin: uses daggers and magic.
Chef: Peaceful class, no one bites the hand that feeds them!
Destroyer: heavy weapons, and medium grade armor. Dark souls style gameplay. Meant for hardcore players.

Optional extra content:
Mages can cast inflation spells. Popping is optional, and turned off by default.
All characters can vore, but vore is optional.
All characters can wear a diaper, this is optional because most people will probably find it gross when their character messes themselves. Turning off diapers will disable messing.
All characters can become a blueberry. This is optional.