Weight Gain Tabletop RPG

I’ve seen some ideas of a tabletop RPG float here and there, but nothing fully developed or extremely impressive. I’m not a fan of Nirulea (although I appreciate all the effort it has put into it! Lots of flavor and good ideas are spread throughout it, I may use it for some ideas), the Pathfinder materials are foreign to me, and the best I’ve seen is the ExpanD&D Materials by storymaker.

Since I have made tabletop games before, I think I should go ahead and make one, or at least give it a shot.

The main focus of the tabletop RPG will be the Weight Gain / Expansion / Inflation elements of it and will try to keep the traditional RPG concepts, like combat or spells, as simple as possible to not deter away from the focus. In addition, I want to make it rewarding for the player to gain - I’ve seen and tried many games that make it feel more like punishment than an actual reward, but this is mostly more arcade-like or flash games than actual full RPGs or text adventures. Finally, the game should include its own weight system, no pounds or kilograms, as it will make the process MUCH easier than trying to find exact minimums and maximums based on actual strength.

So yeah, that’s the whole of it. Expect a post in Projects eventually once I have something to show.


More chub-focused gaming is always welcome.


If you made a nice history with a good characters .This wil vê a nice rpg game