Weight Gain Tycoon Game

Hey fellas,
I’ve been thinking about a game idea that I have started making and would like some feedback on. Be aware that at least half the ideas on this site will never get finished/started and mine is no different. Anyway, so the idea is that the player controls a company that makes fat fetish porn (think Game Dev Tycoon). The player must manage their business, hire models, create content (slider optimisation). Over time they will accrue research points that can be used to unlock new sub-fetishes. Money can also be used to purchase equipment (camera, lighting, sound) and hire staff (models, camera operators and editors) which will improve the quality of the content. I would also like to be able to hire models to gain weight by providing a monthly budget and a target diet (healthy, balanced, unhealthy). This will affect any weight gain related content ratings created with this model. Models will be randomly generated, divided into four body types and several weight classes which will affect what kind of content a consumer might enjoy. Pretty much think Game Dev Tycoon slightly changed to relate to the feeder fatty fetishes. I a decent amount of experience scripting in Unity as well as modelling, sculpting, texturing and rigging (pretty much any gamedev stuff). Anyway, I have some more ideas; but, a limited scope in any project is important. What are your thoughts?


Sounds really cool and fun!

It does remind me of HunieCam Studio where you have a bunch of different fetishes that you can sell your audience through camgirls, but it’d be really nice to have a deeper game in the same vein with more mechanics such as Game Dev Tycoon like you mentioned.

Yes, I looked up Huniecam Studio and it does seem quite similar to my idea.

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Not that that is a bad thing, would be great to have a similar, deeper game, with weight gain as a focus!

It would be very interesting to play most likely with a lot of different outcomes