Weight Gain Visual Novel

Wondering if anyone’d be up for a volunteer project where we make a Visual Novel themed on weight gain. I’ll need someone to write the code as I’ve got no bloody clue on how to use RenPy and my Visual Novel Maker doesn’t show choice buttons.

Alright. I’ll see what I can do. Do they work for free? If so, I can work with them.

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You’ll have better luck trying to get people on board if you have some kind of skill to bring to the table: art, writing, programming, or maybe something else. You’re not likely to have someone want to make your project unless you have things to contribute as well, or a paycheck for them.


I guess you probably can’t work with me because I’m not looking to do work for free for someone else’s project that I have no interest in, but if you are stuck in ren’py I can give advice, and that’s about the extent of how I can help.

What are you bringing to the table though? like @Juxtaterrestrial asked, if you’re an artist you could show samples / offer money incentive.