Weight gain/vore/feederism/etc. flash games and animations

Hey, does anybody know of any flash games or animations related to any aspect of this kink? Like any at all, I’m looking to make sure that these get preserved for when flash shuts down, I don’t want any of these to completely disappear. The only two I know of off hand are feeding lily/sasha, but I can already see plenty of related animations in deviantart. So I’ll do my best to go through them, but if any of y’all have any specific things please let me know! :smiley:

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I know Doom wolf of DA has a bunch of flash Interactives, and Preg Fur on DA has a few as well. I’ll see if anything else I found is in the flash category.

Now i know I’m hella late, but while you can still play flash, try out fat cat. No, it’s not a fat fetish game, but it has a chonk cat, and this post reminded me of it, AND it’s real damn good.

Flash has died sorry

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It was a sad day for all.