Weight Gaining GURPS homebrew

Hey guys.

I’d just like to show off a bit of my homebrew GURPS stuff for weight gain stuff. I’ve showed it around a couple of Discords pertaining to ED&D, but I got no bites. I’d love to test it, and improve upon it, but I do need players to play with. What I’m trying to do here is to ask for people to play with, or at least run a game with just to test the system out, and see what I can add.

Here’s what I got thus far, if you see a thing you want added, or should be fixed, please tell me.


Hello, new account here. I wouldn’t mind joining depending on the time.

But I haven’t played D&D in a long time and I am not familiar with how D&D is played online. Do you mind having a beginner and do you know any good sites for looking up rules and how to play online?

Also, would we have to use microphones and stuff?

Sorry I didn’t make it clear, but this is running on GURPS. As for your microphones question, we’ll definitely be using text.

Oh that’s my bad. I haven’t heard of GURPS before. Is it particularly hard to learn or is it similar in rules to D&D?

I would say that im interested but I only have ever done 2 sessions of pathfinder and would probably be annoying given I would be asking what im supposed todo for every roll and setting up my character ect ect.

Gameplay-wise, GURPS only needs 3 six-sided dice, and a character sheet, the only complex thing in this game is character creation, and a few others. But, alike any other tabletop game out there, it gets easier as you get used to it.

I have been looking at some of the basic stuff, with the character creation we get given a character point total I think. Does that mean that when it is decided who is playing we will create the characters together at the same time?

Which GURPS edition is this for? I have 4th edition basic set, Discworld, and couple others but I’ve never managed to sit down and run a game.

It is in 4e, yeah. I can DM you the discord link if you want.

yes, exactly. do you want the discord link too?

Appreciated, but I can’t commit to anything right now. Things are up in the air such that I may either have no free time, or nothing but in the near future. Good luck.

Hey would be down to try your GURP stuff

Sweet. I would send you a DM with the discord link, but I’ll just let people who are interested join in the discord.

Edit: Update.

I’d like to join if you don’t mind that it would be my first time using GURPS. I’m willing to learn though c:

Yeah I’d like a link as long as you don’t mind playing with beginners. Do I need to do anything on my end to receive the DM?

actually, we have a full party at the moment. while the topic was up i advertised a little, and got a full party. thanks for the interest tho!

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I hope that this thread is not necro, because I am very much interested in participating in a weight-related GURPS campaign.

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