Weight Gaining Platformer - Idea thread?

So I’ve been playing this game called “Walk Master” for almost 2 years now, 24/7 whenever I had nothing to do, and I’m now thinking, what if I made a platformer where you gain weight to complete the level?

Video of walk master here: walk master vid - YouTube

Right now I’m just trying to figure out how the player would navigate the level, and each level would be randomized or so it has infinite levels

Currently the concept is that you gain weight by collecting food or so and there’s 2 checkpoints and I’m not sure what the end of the level goal should be, ideas are appreciated

The game is gonna be a simple game, so please don’t make ideas too complicated. Thanks for reading


Sounds like a good idea. I’m guessing that the game will be like a game called Cake Quest, only the weight gain is permanent and the levels are randomized, right?


Yep, pretty much! I like the name idea too

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your game play is crazy

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i guess you could gain and lose weight to bypass various obstacles or use it to challenge the player

e.g: gain weight to break the floor


Perhaps the game could be about delivering food to a target?

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Larger weight means more health, less agility as well as allowing you to go through breakable paths. Smaller weight means less health, more agility as well as allowing you to move through narrow areas.

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As in if you gain weight you have another chance after falling

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If you can think of some obstacle ideas I might go with this actually. Maybe the game plot could be that you’re a cake deliverer or something and every level you’re delivering to one buyer

I might change the fact that weight resets every level and that you have to gain and lose weight, but idk

I think that the concept of “weight gain” and “platformer” seems to work against eachother, but I think perhaps we can lean into that aspect somehow. What if instead of multiple levels it was the same level that you need to go back and forth across, and that each weight stage you make things more difficult for yourself, like having a bridge collapse or a rope lift snap and crash down into a cavern etc.


I like this idea actually, if I can somehow figure it out then heck yeah

I’m mostly trying to figure out how to make it more re-playable or something, jsut sometime to spend time on (cause I personally need something like this)

If you’re looking to make a simple game it would probably be better to stay away from randomly generating all the levels. Randomly generating completable levels that aren’t really boring to play seems like a lot more effort than just making a whole bunch of levels by hand.

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If I do that I might need some help figuring out level designs as I’m not the good with that stuff :stuck_out_tongue: