Weight Gaming App?

Just wondering if the Android Weight Gaming App has been pulled? Mine stopped working yesterday - no response when I tried to run it - so I thought I’d reinstall it. Deleted it, and now can’t find it on the app store?

There was an app? That’s news to me.

Was it an official one?


Fairly sure it was official. But I have been known to be wrong!

If you’re talking about the forums, we’ve never created or supported an official weightgaming.com app. Currently, we only have this site, some other minor servers for tests, and the discord server. If we ever do launch an official app, it will be announced on here.

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I just assumed it was official as it was called ‘Weight Gaming’ and had the site logo on. But I guess it must have been third party and the dev pulled it. It’s not showing up in my app history, anyway.

Shame cos it was pretty good. Been using it for a while. Notifications whenever I got a PM or a response to a post I’d been involved in.

What you have been using is probably the discourse app. The forum software we use makes an app you can use to interface with forums created with discourse like ours.

It definitely wasn’t the Discourse app. I’ve never used that. It was a app titled ‘Weight Gaming’.

As you guys don’t seem to be aware of it, it was obviously unofficial and I assume the dev pulled it.

Maybe it was simply a shortcut to the website. That would explain why it had the site logo.