Weight Gaming Logos

Some times devs would like to include our site logo in their game or on a site to show support of, draw attention to, or just simply link to a post on Weight Gaming. To facilitate this we wanted to make available the .svg files of the site logos and some guidelines on their use so devs may make use them.

Usage Guidelines

  • The logo may be included in any original work with the intent to draw attention to or show support of Weight Gaming, or to notify the user that additional information on the project or work can be found on Weight Gaming.

    • Please note care should be taken to ensure that a person would not misconstrue the project or work as supported by and/or part of Weight Gaming.
  • The logo should not be used as an avatar, icon, posted as personal art work, or any other use that may mislead a person into believing the user/work/account/ect is officially associated with or part of Weight Gaming.

  • Terms such as, but not limited to, supported by, in partnership with, sponsored by, or any other terms that may associate an official relationship between Weight Gaming and the Project should not be used with the logo without permission from Weight Gaming.

  • If the logo’s color is too dark the logo’s color can be changed to a lighter blue with the RBG value of #2E85C7.

  • If the logo needs to be resized the user should attempt to keep the logo in its original aspect ratio.

  • Other then stated above the logo should not be modified in any way.


Logo Only


Logo with Text



The font is not the same one as used in the one on the actual website.