Weight Gaming's Official Mascots, Willow & Graham (Old)

@Cakecatboy was kind enough to make us some mascots for the site. So I would like you all to meet the sites official mascots Willow and Graham!


Name: Willow

Age: 28 years

Occupation: Art + Development

Interests: If she’s not headfirst in the latest game, she’s active on the forums and helping others. She also likes to watch anime and make games with Graham.

Fav genre of games: RPGs

Fav foods: Ramen, french fries, cream soda

Personality: Willow is very energetic and happy, she loves to create and inspires those around her like a social butterfly. She actively considers herself a weeb and is always dragging Graham along on projects he wouldn’t do on his own.


Name: Graham

Age: 26 years

Occupation: Writing + Sound

Interests: Graham is nearly always listening to music and writing fanfiction for characters he loves. He also loves to watch anime and make games with Willow.

Fav genre of games: Visual novels

Fav food: Chicken stew, churros, root beer

Personality: Graham is usually a wallflower and prefers to be in a quiet place with little company. He feels lonely often, so he is a good match for Willow’s near-overbearing attention.


They looks lovely, nice design.


Hah!~ Can’t beat Cakecatboy’s adorable artstyle! :heart_eyes:


Damn that’s awesome :smile:


They look really cool! I really like their designs.


its blowing my mind that a website like this exist. gj none the less


I am happy that everyone seems to like them! I know we are looking to get some more offical artwork for the site from cake so expect to see some more of these two in the future.

Love it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


I hope these two are used in something exciting!

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Made a fanart sprite of Willow. original size 2x and 4x sizes to be easier to view.
Willowsprite1x Willowsprite2x Willowsprite4x


I cant say for sure, but maybe one day :wink:

Really nice work @Emett!


In a word, with regard to Willow: Damn. Beautiful work. And same age as me. Shame she’s not ‘real’ by normal standards. Lovely as can be! (And apparently smart, too, if she’s able to do behind-the-scenes work on the site according to the lore…)


I just saw the new banner, Graham has really grown in the past 2 years. Will Willow be tagging along (and alternating), or will they be at matching sizes/weights at some point? :wink: (Obviously, this is most likely up to Cake, but if you hear from them, I’d love to know!)

We do not have enough content out yet for it to be noticeable, but the idea is their sizes will always change in every piece. We thought this would not only be fun but go with the weight gain theme of the site. For example, Willow is much larger than Graham in the thanks giving piece we got done.

So in general, they have no set size and how fat they will be can just fluctuate randomly.

Also, not having any set size for them allows anyone who wishes to do fan art of the characters to make them as fat or as thin as they may wish.

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Awesome. I thought it would be a gradual gain/trade-off, but this may be even better since, as you mentioned, it gives fans an easier canvas to work with, to make their own interpretation. I will never stop loving this, so whatever comes next, I will be over the moon!

Can they not be cat-folk?