Weight is the key to love (WITKTL) - Title Preview

This game is now based off of a different devs game that he abandoned and allowed me to take lead. (I’m not at liberty to say who was the dev and what his game was, since he has asked me to uphold that information) anyways this games new approach has it’s own road map and large roster of character arcs so this game is official.

This game is basically a combination of a fat girl romance simulator and a feederism simulation all packed into a text game made with twine

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Game Description

Weight is the key to love (also known as WITKTL) is a game where you start dating a girl meant to gain weight. To maintain the relationship you are required to make her feel welcome about being around you and to moderately feed into her fetishes and kinks. Every decision you make in the relationship matters, keep making the wrong choices and she’ll break up/divorce you which will immediately be game over for you. Overall your primary objective is to maintain a feederism relationship with your chosen girl.

Expected Game Features

Weight is the key to love
(also known as WITKTL) will eventually include the following content:

  • A total of 14 girls which these girls are owned by the original developer. in the project these 14 girls will be considered old characters since it’s my game now. Oh and there may be less old characters then there will be new characters.
  • An “unknown” large amount of extra girls that are mostly my own OC’s. In the project these extra girls will be considered new characters. These extra characters vary in races, meaning some of them are human and some of them are of a different race. Some of the extra girls are characters that are from some other non fetish kinda media that would work well as fetish material. Also there will be a lot more new characters then there will be old characters.
  • At the beginning you’ll be able to input your name for role playing benefits.
  • This game will have a gallery meaning you’ll be able to unlock its artwork by playing.
  • This game will have achievements for you to obtain throughout your gameplay.
  • The game will have no end, after you get married the game will still never end. The only way to get an ending is failing. But don’t worry because you’ll have different things to keep you playing even then such as challenges, unlocking all of the pictures and getting all of the achievements, just for role playing enjoyment and etc.
  • Be sure to save often because if you get a game over you’ll have to start back from your last save (or you can just cheat by going a step back, if possible)
  • Each and every girl is unique in their own way so every playthrough won’t be the same, meaning you’ll have to do certain things and be mindful with different girls.
  • The default sizes that the girls can reach are from skinny all the way to planet sized and even beyond.
  • Do you want extra fetishes or kinks well you’ll be able to enable “optional” additional kinks such as major slob, morbid content, vore etc. Be warned of two things 1 if you don’t enable an additional kink for your new game then you won’t be able to later on unless you start a new game and 2 you can only enable one additional kink per playthrough.
  • There will be a store where you can buy all kinds of stuff for your girl such as food, drinks, snacks, alcohol, drugs, formulas, machines, medical bed and equipment, furniture, clothes, wallpaper, flooring and so much more
  • You’ll be able to have all kinds of different jobs to earn more money. Also your currency is dollars and cents.
  • By default slight slob content will be forced such as burping and messy eating, the slight slob content can never be disabled. But for certain characters you will not experience any slight slob content because of their dislike for it.
  • There will be lots of different dates to take your chosen girl to.
  • Your girl will have a set of statistics that you need to worry about and depending on the girl depends on how they get affected. Also depending on the girls race depends on what kind of stats you’ll have, meaning specific type of stats are only exclusive for certain races.
  • This game will have a time and day system and also a seasons addition. There will also be plenty of holidays to celebrate.
  • If you have morbid content enabled the weight gain will progress like real life meaning each girl will have a weight limit before they start getting to the verge of dying from their obesity (just like real life), but if you don’t want your girl to die just make sure you hook her up to machines as the machines will keep her alive forever, as long as you do it before she dies. That way you can continue fattening her up even further.

(I’ll update this when I have more info)

Current Release


(It’s only a preview of the title screen and main menu just to make sure everything is working properly)


Will you be keeping with twine? or switching to another sdk? If you are sticking to twine are you sticking to harlowe or switching to sugarcube?

It’ll be twine in sugarcube


PC (either gender) should also gain weight

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No sorry I’m only adding the choosable girls to gain weight I’m trying to keep the original concept the original dev had, allowing the mc to gain weight as well would go against that, sorry


Just so yall know once my game has enough content for it, you can look forward to a demo that has a 3 day limit. Meaning you can play chapter 1 with 2 girls for a maximum limit of 3 days (ingame). You can play as much of chapter 1 as you want but after 3 ingame days the demo will end. But sadly you’ll be limited to only chapter 1, further chapters won’t be available in the demo also you’ll only have access to two different girls in the demo.
So if you wanna replay the game for the other character (or for whatever other reason) than you can do so as you wish, but the mentioned rules of the demo will never change no matter how many times you replay.


And then when I’m close enough to a full release. I’ll release a prologue of the game (which is just an extended and upgraded demo). The prologue allows you to play the entire first chapter and not all, but most of the content that’ll be in the full release. The only two downsides with the prologue are: 1 the prologue will end after you complete chapter 1. And, 2 further chapters will not be available.

After the prologue is done there will be no more public builds until after the full release is ready.

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But if you want access to pre alpha, alpha and beta builds you can join my discord linked at the very top. or if you just wanna check out my discord, get further info about the game or whatever then like I said my discord will be at the very top of this topic.


"This game is now based off of a different devs game that he abandoned and allowed me to take lead. (I’m not at liberty to say who was the dev and what his game was, since he has asked me to uphold that information) "

Yeah no offense but I think we all know exactly what game this is based on


well I didn’t knew it was gonna be so obvious besides I was trying to respect the persons wishes

What game is that exactly?

bad news my discord got hacked and I know who was responsible

be sure to unjoin that assholes discord and join the new one that’ll be up

If your friends with him or if he messaged you, I repeat DO NOT answer him, be sure to block him right away, he is a scumback that stole the one account I needed… now I gotta start all over…

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