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here’s a thread for you folks to write about the first Nirulea party as hosted by Droark. posts here can be written about a specific character, or the entire party, or perhaps the aftermath of the party’s actions.

have fun, guys, and please, try to make it legible. :wink:

says the guy writing in lowercase…

edit: other stuff is always extremely welcome too, of course!

The story of how Jessica Artezha learned to do magic and be fat at the same time.


In the back of a nondescript tavern sat a silver wolfess. She was alone the entire night here, but you could hardly have guessed by the
mountains of empty plates piled up around her table. There she sat, running a clawed digit in circular motions around the circumference of her
massive, bloated gut. She reached into her dark grey robes and extracted a hefty pouch of coins, which she placed on the table. Then, with a mighty
heave, the wolfess rose to her feet, waving a friendly goodbye to the perplexed-looking owl innkeep who had been told she was expecting quite a
number of friends.

As Jessica woke the next day, she inspected the spoils of her gorging- her belly had risen like dough, nearly double the chubby potbelly it was

She took a step out into town square, gulping down the last of her hearty pancake breakfast as she meandered her way into a nearby grove of trees.
Today, she’d test a theory she’d come up with. Jess stood in the midst of a small clearing, the encroaching pines still tinged with early morning
frost. She cracked her neck and set her paws on her stuffed gut. Then, she raised them directly ahead, aiming for one particularly thick pine.
Light cyan lines traced across her coat as a circle of magical energy began to form around her outstretched paws- only for the lines to warp
and twist upon encountering her engorged waist. Immediately, the circle fizzled out and dispersed in a mist of cyan sparks. She sighed, once
more resting her paws on her belly, feeling the warm fullness of her breakfast conflicting with the frigid air. Jess’ eyes went wide.

Of course! she thought, Why didn’t I think of that sooner! Once more raising her paws, Jess focused not on the leylines just beneath her skin,
but on the very core of herself- channeling the mana from deep within as she weaved the matrix of her magic. Immediately, her sight was slightly
tinged by cyan as the circle formed within her paws again, but this time, it snapped into existence before she could have blinked. Before her
eyes, through her gentle hand motions, she drew in the matrix, before willing it to discharge at her target tree. At once, a blinding barrage
of cerulean light blazed through the clearing, and with a concussive bang, the tree toppled over backwards, smoldering at the point of impact.

As the buzz of magic began to subside, Jessica stole a glance at a nearby stream, catching the glint of her own eyes just as they ceased to glow.
She inspected her paws, before taking note of the smoldering stump where the tree used to be. With a flick of her wrist, the potential fire hazard
was frozen over by a thick sheet of ice.

Yes, Jessica thought, I could definitely get used to this.

Magnolia Marie Maxzille the large croc wrestler
large image sorry just scroll right

Augustus Artizha sits in his study, joined only by the candlelight in his study as he works. These forms had less weight to their implications than he’d care to admit, but orders are orders. And so another night he spends here, by the candlelight, casting a light crimson tone on the room. Signing another petition with a flourish, he’s interrupted by the slam of the doors being thrown open. In storms a silver wolfess, whose piercing golden eyes shine with a fire he’d not seen in weeks.

“Augustus!” She cries, “You won’t believe this!”

“Whatever could have you so upset, my dear?” he replies.

“One of the agents sent us a post from some backwater… some village out in the countryside.” She says, waving about the still-sealed parchment. “It might be news about Jessica!” His eyes brighten.

“Ah, our little snowflake is found at last? It’s wonderful news indeed!” He says.

“Yes it is, dearest.” the wolfess agrees, “We must dispatch a unit of the guard to collect her immediately!” Augustus shakes his head.

“First, make sure it isn’t another false alarm, Rosie.” He winks. “We don’t want to scare any townsfolk this time.” Rose huffs, tearing open the letter and reading rapidly, her initial enthusiasm overshadowed first by confusion, then disgust, then anger.

“This agent should be fired.” Rose huffs. “There’s no way this whale is our Jessica.” Augustus rolls his eyes, lightly lifting the page from his wife’s paw with a light red glow.

“Let me see it first, Rose. You know you get emotional.” The page settles in his hand, and he reads a report of a recent archeological find in the area, which ended up infested with monsters. Many adventuring parties entered, but only one came back out. The party consisted of dragons Gemma Tempirus and Selen Mathis, mouse Milo Doren, fox Mira Lewyn, crocodile Magnolia Maxzille, and a wolf named Jessica. Based on further accounts of the wolfess having relied exclusively on magic within the dungeon, Augustus’ eyebrows raised. Then he flipped the enclosed picture, showing the group. They were all rather large, and while she was nowhere near the size of her dragon companions, the wolfess in the picture had the same bright, lively ice blue eyes and flashy teal highlight Jessica had had. The main difference was the enormous potbelly she sported. It was all Augustus could do not to burst out laughing immediately. The man even lasted three entire seconds before guffawing right in his wife’s face.

“Children sure do grow fast, don’t they Rose?” He laughs, much to her disdain.

“Augustus! This is no laughing matter!” She protests, “Our daughter is out there gallivanting around with that atrocious gut! Why she’ll-”

“Enough.” He rumbles, his eyes glowing a bright crimson. After she recedes, he breaks into a grin again. “Our daughter and her new friends saved a village from the threat of attack, dear.” He brings her into an embrace, and places a soft kiss onto her forehead. “She’ll be fine, Rose.”


“No, Roselyn. She’s a big girl now. If she wants to adventure around the kingdom, or put on a little weight, it isn’t our call anymore.” He murmurs softly. “She’s a lot like you. You get upset, you walk away, but you come back. Jess will return to us in time.” He levitates a paper and quill, writing a message at breakneck speed while consoling his now-sobbing wife. The page rolls shut with a snap, and with a flick of his wrist, it goes up in smoke before trailing out the window. “The Agent will keep shadowing her. They’ll keep us appraised of her progress.” He runs a paw through Rose’s soft hair. “She’ll come back. And bringing her to us will only drive her further away.” His grin turns mischievous.

“You know Rose, I didn’t know you could turn that shade of green.”

Laurent sighed as he fell back into his chair, exhausted from another long day of hard work. It didn’t help much that as each day passed, it became harder and harder to move. Of course, the mass drooping down his knees in front of him might have had something to do with that!

“Something wrong, dear?” A soft voice asked. Laurent turned to the owner, a shorter, pleasantly plump blue dragoness. She walked in, her voluptuous hips giving her a rather seductive look to her.

“No, no…” Laruent started. The huge red dragon let out another tired sigh. “It’s just a long day is all.”

“…You’re worried about him.” His wife said.

Well, Laurent couldn’t argue with that. He nodded glumly. “A village to the north called Jorhaven was looking for some adventurers to help out with an issue they were having. Rumors were one of them was a hefty white male dragon with a gold mane.”

“You think our boy is there?”

“Can you think of anyone other than Selen who matches that description?” Laurent posed. “Ever since I’ve heard that…I haven’t stopped worrying for him.”

“I can tell,” The dragoness said, giving Laurent’s massive belly a pat. “You’ve lost a bit of weight, actually.”

“Adia, this is no time…Selen isn’t a warrior. He wasn’t meant to be an adventurer.”

“Didn’t your dad say the same thing?”

Laurent ignored his wife’s question, continuing on with his assessment. “His magic is sub-par and he can only use it for cooking. He belongs here, helping at the restaurant, or out there, finding his own mate. His dreams of being a hero…I don’t know if he’ll achieve them…”

Aida waited while her husband continued his bellyaching. “Are you done? Because I have something quite interesting.” Aida smiled mischievously before holding out a piece of parchment. Laurent raised an eye-ridge as he took the note and began to read it.

“There were a lot of parties that went down.” Adia stated. “But only one came out. The party consited of a wolf, a fox, a mouse, a crocodile…and two dragons. One of them was white with a golden mane.”

Laurent’s eyes shot up upon the mention of the dragon. It couldn’t be, could it?

The note had the manes of the heroes. Milo Doren was the mouse, Magnolia Maxzille was the crocodile, Mira Lewyn was the fox, Jessica…huh curious. The wolf’s last name was omitted. Gemma Tempirus was the name of a green dragon…

Selen Mathis. His name. It was there!

“My boy…” Laurent said softly. A huge smile crossed his face as he laughed out loud. “MY BOY! I DON’T BELIEVE IT!” Laurent stood up quickly, a whole new burst of energy coming to his body as he started into a little jig, involving a lot of jiggling from his flabby body. It was almost like his massive weight didn’t even slow him down. And in a way, it didn’t! Laurent was over the moon, he felt like spewing mountains of fire in pure joy! “HE’S A HERO! MY BOY IS A HERO!”

Finally Laurent calmed down and sat down, this time happy and relaxed. Adia smiled as she snuggled up to her husband’s soft apron of a belly, enjoying the warmth against her cool scales. She smiles as she looked into Laurent’s deep crimson eyes.

“You raised him well, you know.” Adia said. Laurent leaned into her as much as he could, giving her a peck on the snout.

“WE raised him well.” Lauremt corrected. His eyes look faraway as he thinks for a moment.

“How big do you think he is now?”

After all of the celebration was said and done, Milo thought back to his days on his farm and the days he spent with his parents, though his Father has died from a disease in recent years, he was close to his parents but as much as it pained his Mother, she insisted that Milo go on his own way after his Father’s death. She hired a couple of employees, even though it meant a little less money, it was still doable considering she was only feeding herself for the time. He hasn’t seen his Mother in some time but has kept in touch via letters from time to time, he was always a bit closer to her and she helped with his Father’s death. With that in mind he decided to take his newfound wealth and follow in his parents footsteps and bought a small vegetable farm with a small house on it which is just big enough for him and maybe one other person.

He of course stays around the group as he very much enjoys their company and hopes for a new adventure, his shyness seeming to melt away around them, but for now he is going to take it easy and get his farm started for a little bit. He has gotten used to his newfound weight and seems to be enjoying it, well he is now that he has some new clothes thanks to the gold he received. He also wants to stick close to Magnolia, considering they really seem to have gotten so close in recent times.

Lenara is sweeping the floors around the house after a few hours of picking vegetables on the farm, she hears a knock and strolls over and answers the door with a small rabbit on the other side, he hands her a not and wishes her a good day as he bounds off. She takes a moment to sit down and grabs her glasses.

“I hope it’s from Milo, he doesn’t usually take this long to write…”

As she opens the note and reads through, it tells of a village named Jorhaven that was saved after many parties ventured in to a labyrinth, but only one returning.

“Oh no… I know he went down there looking for work, please be okay, son…”

She continues to read the note, she notices the adventurers Magnolia the crocodile, Mira the fox, Jessica the wolf, Selen the dragon, Gemma who was also a dragon… and a mouse? It couldn’t be him, could it? But there it was, plain as day. Milo Dorren. She was surprised at his new figure, but not nearly surprised at what he and his group had done.

“I can’t believe it, he really went and made a name for himself, I’m so proud of you…”

She says with tears of happiness in her eyes, truly overjoyed that her son has done something so good in such a short amount of time.

“Your father would be proud, Milo, I hope to hear from you soon… I love you.”

She gives a soft kiss to his image and folds the note back up and sets it in a drawer, along with all the other notes he has written her.

Everything was quiet other than the crickets and frogs. This late at night even the nearly non-stop partying in the village finally had to take a break so that everybody could have a much needed rest. Well, maybe not quite everybody. One lone figure still stumbled drunkenly down the street.

All of Mira’s companions had retired early tonight for one reason or another. Many had expressed a desire to write letters back home to their families. Milo was planning to rise first thing in the morning to look at a farm he was considering purchasing. Selen had gotten to bed early so that he could be well rested and prepred to cook the next morning’s hearty breakfast. Gemma had managed yet again to eat enough to weigh herself down to the floor until she had a chance to digest. Even Melian had drifted off into a food coma, having trouble dealing with consuming such large amounts of food day after day.

But the fox herself was restless and unable to sleep. Despite the fame, fortune, and gluttony that came with the party’s success, somehow something felt lacking. The townsfolk were eager to hear the dramatic tales she told of their exploits, but that was the closest she was able to truly feel to them. They were willing enough to play along when she roused their appetites, but it just wasn’t the same. It was obvious they were just excited to have the attention of one of their town’s saviors, lacking Jess’ outright drive to eat or Melian’s underlying sly deviousness. At least they gave her lots of free drinks.

Soon enough even those townsfolk began to tire, though, and as the tavern emptied Mira had to sneak out before Sheela could catch her all by herself. But while the other patrons all retired to their beds, the fox was left to wander the streets all alone with her thoughts. The party would begin again in the morning, but at some point it had to end for good, and then what would she do? Her companions all had grand designs for their newfound wealth, setting into motion plans for castles, restaurants, and farms. But what good would any of that do her? It all felt so permanent, and the vixen wasn’t so sure she wanted to be tied down like that.

But how long could she keep moving like she had been? Mira stumbled, suddenly second guessing her own thoughts. Her new friends were completely accepting of her interests and abilities, something that even the people she’d grown up with had been unable to stomach. If she continued on, would she ever again encounter anyone as tolerant? Sure, for now staying in one place seemed restrictive, but would she feel that way forever? What if she ever did want to settle down? Or start a family, even?

Mira stopped and leaned against a nearby wall, shaking her head to clear out the thoughts. Perhaps she’d had a bit more to drink than she’d realized if such crazy ideas were popping into her head. Regardless, getting some sleep for herself might not be a bad idea if she didn’t want to miss too much of tomorrow’s festivities. If such thoughts were still bothering her in the morning, well, that’d be Future Mira’s problem to deal with.

For now… which way did Melian live again?

In the village of Avago, the pub tended to be a fairly active place in the evenings. It was the only real service establishment in town, which was also why nobody had seen fit to give it a name other than ‘the pub.’ Despite the recent hard times, drinks were never in short supply as the owner and brewer, a frog name Bolgar, seemed to be able to make decent alcohol out of just about anything. So the atmosphere of the pub was lively that evening when Ilena, the local tanner, almost trips running through the door clutching a roll of parchment. Bolgar looked up from his work at the counter.
“Heh, slow down there a tad kid. I’d be exited to get here too, but there’s no need to…” The barkeep trails off as the dog ignores him completely, drawing some attention as she rushes over to a brown dragon telling stories in a corner.
“Talgar, you have to see this! It’s -”
“Calm down there just a moment, I’m in the middle of a tale. Is that that news piece you pay to get from the city? I don’t understand why you pay so -”
“It’s Gemma!”
Talgar, Gemma’s uncle, freezes in the middle of an expansive gesture meant to supplement his story. “What!? Come on then, let me see it!” The dragon grabs the paper, and the now curious audience crowds around to get a look a the document.
“Jorhaven… a dungeon… parade?” The dragon lets out a bellowing laugh and accidentally gives Ilena a small zap. “That idiot girl, she actually pulled it off!” He turns to the rest of the now-intrigued bar and holds up the sheet. “My niece is a damn hero! DRINKS ON ME TONIGHT!”
The crowd lets out a cheer in response, and a happy crowd gathers as Ilena pulls out a second sheet from her bag. “They had an artist do a sketch of the group, take a look!” The crowd presses in to see.
“Wow, she wasn’t that big before, right?” “Look at that mouse! He’s so round!” “Na, the artist must be exaggerating.” “The other dragon looks friendly, that apron’s less intimidating than the armor.” “Yeah, but you remember how Gemma’d shove anything edible down her throat.” “Yeah, but nobody gets that fat THAT fast. She’d probably try though.” “That wolf has some odd robes. Is she a mage?”
The chatter continues late into the night, the town fueled by a night of free drink and cheered for word of a local. Far off, Gemma was having a similarly happy night.

“And Gemma is out! Teryian has claimed the day!” The huge horse groans in relief, clearly nearing the end of his owns stomachs endurance as he looks at the ravaged feast of pastries before him. His sense of accomplishment is slightly undercut, however, by the four stuffed losers of the previous rounds, two of whom seem to have fallen asleep on the floor of the inn. Gemma groans as she reclines on an overtaxed chaise lounge and cradles her engorged belly. Villagers swarm around the two contestants, and Gemma happily basks in the attention of the crowd. Since returning to the village, Gemma has been almost unimaginably physically lazy, happy to let the grateful villagers attend to her as she enjoyed the food of the festival and told stories of the dungeon. Most days are spent lounging somewhere near the kitchen of Selen and Sheela, with an open challenge for any of the villagers who wanted to try and match her gluttony. Late at night, however, the dragon goes over her blueprints and plans (with a snack in hand, of course) and consults with the ancient dragon she met in the dungeon. Although the party is happy and fed for the time being, plans must be made for the future. And an… incident on the way back from town means that these plans have been amended to include double doors.

[quote=“firesoul10, post:1, topic:759”]here’s a thread for you folks to write about the first Nirulea party as hosted by Droark. posts here can be written about a specific character, or the entire party, or perhaps the aftermath of the party’s actions.

have fun, guys, and please, try to make it legible. :wink:

says the guy writing in lowercase…

edit: other stuff is always extremely welcome too, of course![/quote]
Might I ask what you mean by “other stuff”?

I meant I didn’t want to limit this thread to writing- posting a picture like psychotictophat did, for example. :slight_smile:

I meant I didn’t want to limit this thread to writing- posting a picture like psychotictophat did, for example. :)[/quote]
But, it still has to be about the first Nirulea party, correct?

I meant I didn’t want to limit this thread to writing- posting a picture like psychotictophat did, for example. :)[/quote]
But, it still has to be about the first Nirulea party, correct?[/quote]

That’s the idea, yeah. Nothing stopping a similar Second Party thread from starting- that way it’s like putting a tag on the thread saying that this is where you go to read this campaign’s supplementals.

I meant I didn’t want to limit this thread to writing- posting a picture like psychotictophat did, for example. :)[/quote]
But, it still has to be about the first Nirulea party, correct?[/quote]

That’s the idea, yeah. Nothing stopping a similar Second Party thread from starting- that way it’s like putting a tag on the thread saying that this is where you go to read this campaign’s supplementals.[/quote]

Oh, alright, this is one of like, two active RP threads…

Doesn’t mean that ten years from now there won’t be dozens, right? :stuck_out_tongue:

Doesn’t mean that ten years from now there won’t be dozens, right? :P[/quote]

Just hope that happens sooner rather than later…

weight of the worlds OTP: Milo and Magnolia 3gether 5ever.