Weight-related mobility in games

I know that a lot of games already employ that kind of thing, but I feel like they don’t explore it to its full extent. I dunno, this has probably already been discussed, but it was on my mind for a while.

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I had an game idea at one point that was going to be a platformer that involved 4 different weight classes.
Progression would have been based on these weight classes, the heavier, the harder it was to platform.
The heaviest wouldn’t be able to even jump, and mostly rolled/slid on their belly down hills.

That was quick. Good idea! You should try your hand at actually making it someday!

yea, I put it on the shelf because of having to change hard drives, and lack of motivation to continue working on the sprites for the main character.

Message me if you ever decide to continue it, I’ll test it if you ever make a demo!

from weight-related mobility in games.

Feast of the greedy has to deal with this issue. I’m making my levels with the idea that somebody with the most weight will have to go back on his own track. I curently do not have issues with the platforming… but it may be greatly influenced or reduced depending on how hard it is to manouver with an everage weight of around “size 6”, my target for most achievement and their related prizes (once i get the ball rolling/mara :wink: ).

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