Weight/size related dialogue

So I have the Big Fatties mod as well as the popping addon for it & in said addon there is unique dialogue for when a character is about to pop. I don’t know how easy or hard it would be to do this & I’m not expecting a miracle, but I was wondering if anyone could figure out a way to add dialogue to characters when they gain weight or dialogue that references their weight in general? I’m not very code savvy, but if it’s as simple as using a text document I might be able to learn to do this myself, but if this already exists somewhere or someone with the technical know-how could do this I would be most grateful, but I’m not expecting anyone to drop everything to do this or say “your wish is my command.” I have some overly ambitious ideas where this could be taken, but I will save those for if anyone wants to hear them.

Thank you for your time & God bless!


Dispatch has said it’s not possible

How so? I don’t mean to be rude, but how is this not possible? Especially since Joliar was able to add special dialogue for when characters are about to pop.

no idea the only response when I brought it up in response about this post was
“ShyDispatch — Yesterday at 6:20 PM
Again, for like whatever the number is at this point. It’s not possible.”

While not outright impossible, it’s not desirable. Between causing lag having to check for weight all the time, delays in when npcs talk. Not to mention potential issues for npcs in other mods like making them talk when they shouldn’t say anything at all. The work to make it function wouldn’t outweigh how badly it’d play out.

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Thank you for explaining the issue. I’m sorry for harboring ill thoughts about the issue in my frustration & I apologize for being unreasonable.
God bless you & have a wonderful day!