Weight Watching

So earlier this year I came across a demo for “Hyper Cam”, a hyper fetish visual novel by Todd Fawks in which the main character interacts with a friend through direct messages, video chat and receiving photos on a phone.

The premise was interesting enough that it made me start imagining how I could work on something similar but with a weight gain focus and going further into the whole interactive pc side of it.

So here is Weight Watching!

In which you’ll be using your trusty computer to explore different apps and websites to look at whatever random things users have been posting that day.
And of course you’ll be interacting with the main characters as they progressively gain weight for reasons unique to each of them.

Like browsing the real internet, a bunch of the content you’ll find won’t have any point to it except entertaining yourself by looking at pictures and reading stories the fictional users wanted to share.
Though that’s not the case for everything, you might also encounter further interactions, like a clickable spot or info that would give you an idea as where to look to progress the main story.

The game won’t feature any real choices or different endings, but you will have multiple ways of getting to the next story section. Depending on which way you go through, it will change your next interaction with a main character but without changing the overall story progression.

You might get a different scene, a different fetish focus or another conversation subject, showing you an alternative view of what’s happening.

The game will advance through time skips between each sequence, after which you’ll be able to check what happened while you were away!
New online posts, new DMs and whatever the main characters were up to.

What’s currently in the game?

  • For now, I have most of the basic ui working. Pc desktop, browser and message app are all functional with multiple pages you can go through back and forth.

  • The intro of the game is mostly done, I’m currently working on the writing for the first character story (which will be the only one for now) and I’m planning of having about eight parts to it with weight gain every other part.
    For now I’ll be focusing on the first two before continuing the visual side of the game.

  • Speaking of visuals. The ui art is mostly done for the pc, apps and websites that are already in-game.
    The main stuff that needs to be done is all the content to populate the apps. Users, profile pictures, online posts.
    That’s lower priority right now and will be done once enough main story content has been completed.


The concept seems very fun, i assume you play as one specific character and see them gain weight in first person like the top image you shared while others you will see trough cam or pics or you will be able to change characters?


Oh wow that sounds like a really interesting concept I can’t wait to see more of it!


Definitely curious about this one. Can’t wait to see more.


this is so exciting!! ill def keep my eyes on this project


What a unique idea! I’m curious to see it in action


You have my interest.


You play as the same character throughout the game, but the focus will be mostly on the other characters.
Though I recently thought about having a weight tracking app on the desktop so that might come into play later.


You could pretty easily have a camera app somewhere on the desktop to make the screen show an image of the user. That combined with the weight tracking app would be perfect IMO


Sure, it wouldn’t be too much effort to add, now or later in development. And most of the work would be just on the visual side.
I’ll consider it!


Perhaps as the player character gains, some junk food wrappers could appear on their desk, along with some other little trinkets earned through finding secrets and solving puzzles.
Maybe the player can visit an eBay-esque website (May I suggest “fleaBay” :grin:) and buy items for themself or gifts for other charaters.

Also as other’s have suggested, maybe the player’s belly could come into view at larger sizes.
The weight tracking app sounds like a good idea, maybe throw in some jokey pop-ups suggesting the player should stand up or do some exercise.


I was actually thinking about adding wrappers and leftovers in the background as the story progresses when planning what to do a few weeks ago!
As for puzzles and other interactions, that’ll all depend on what I’m able to do. Ren’Py is still a vn engine after all and I haven’t done that much programming before.

I’ve also started making the webcam/ weight tracker combo earlier than I thought I would, so here’s an early view!

There will be a full portrait of the player character at some point, for now I’m still in the process of deciding what I’d like to do for their design.


That graph is just peak i can only imagine going back in the graph and seeinh the way tick up little by little and knowing that was how you got there and how you will continue, just hits my every button.


I really hope we get a nice short stack, like a kobold!


I only have two characters fully planned right now and would like to try different weight gain themes and side themes, so I’ll definitely be looking to vary the types of characters that’ll be added!
A short stack would be a possibility.


Maybe you already have this implemented, but for the weight tracker will there also be an option to display the weight in KGs?


I actually hadn’t thought about it but now that you mention it, yeah I will just put both pounds and kilograms together on the tracker.


I’ve now put something together for the player character, went for a more androgynous look as I thought it’d be an interesting challenge to design and it will also reduce the amount of work in not having to make multiple variations for everything.

This was my first go at it so the sprite will probably me modified or replaced down the line before alternate versions with different clothing and weight stages are added.


i really hope we get a tall, masculine + brawny reptile fella! Theres a lack of scalie fit-fat content out there. the new protag is cute btw, this project is real excitin


Well you might be happy to hear that I have a fit to fat story planned!
I was thinking about making the main character for it be either a synth or a gator but I already have both a robot and a reptile character so I’m still figuring that out.