Weight, when do I Hibernate?

The game tasks you to be the character’s lil conscious and try to steer them into being able to go into a full hibernation sleep (at least 7 months), but they always seem so petite and can barely get 3 months in. During their wake time you’ll try and drive their decisions to help them reach that 7 month long slumber. While during their down time you can subconsciously alter their needs and responses as you’ll need them to pack on the weight in the next go so they can sleep longer.

Each “day” you choose an option of what they’ll do and see how their stats fluctuate, the stats being Weight, Strength, Income, Happiness, and Willpower. After each run your awarded R(EM) points (permanent points you can collect and redistribute) and Z points (dream points that you can distribute freely and resets on each run).

I wanted to post my version (incomplete) of the game early so I can garner feedback and ideas for scenarios. Life is trying to throw me all its curve balls this coming jam, so I’m hoping to get through it just fine and deliver a game for y’all. I also wanted the post early just in case something ever happens :sweat_smile:


  • Task System so player is rewarded R(EM) points when they perform an objective in a run instead of given it every 30 Z points
  • Finishing the Hibernation menu
  • Art (of course)
  • Refine GUI
  • Make sure all the buttons work

Seems like the basics work fine, though there’s not much feedback on what the various stats do or how they affect R and Z points. Also not clear what the cake icon is for - the rest seem to make sense, but not sure about that one.

Edit: Oh, and congrats on getting something pulled together!


The cake is the symbol for Willpower, R currently is dependent on how many Z you get from a run (30Z = 1R) but I’ll be changing that soon hopefully. Z is currently dependent on how much weight you gained, but it’ll be dependent on other stats as well since sleep can be effected by many things other than just fat XP

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I’m not sure is it a bug or a feature, but I discovered that you can choose an option demading something you have none of (f. e. you ran out of money, but you can still order a pizza)


Interesting little ditty. It is very obtuse what each stat is for. Is it just weight that affects the end score? It seems like the best way to progress is to just dump as much money into weight as possible since there’s no penalty for going below zero cash.


If i’m parsing things correctly, it does look like weight is the only stat that matters. Other stats are just multiple flavors of resource to eventually be funneled into weight, and until theres a penalty/lockout for a low stat or an incentive to increasing them, it’s a pretty linear gameplan. The upgrades could make choices a bit more interesting if you end up with a lot of the “+Weight, -Other” perks without also having the base +Other perks to mitigate, causing all of your resources to be extremely swingy between 0 and 100… at least in theory.

In practice, it looks like the upgrades are a bit broken at the moment. Hefty and Ravinous (which should probably be Ravenous) do nothing, Indulgent & Mindless only apply their penalties, and Lethargic’s penalty is applying to money instead of… strength? health? Whatever that stat is. …which makes Lethargic the only +weight perk that actually increases your weight gain.


Currently a bug since I haven’t completely written up a check for an option lockout.

Current version only has weight effecting the bonuses, but currently planning on getting other stats involved to effect the score.

Thanks for catching the spelling mistake haha :sweat_smile: And for noticing the upgrades being buggy, I’ve felt like they were but been focused on getting the game cobbled together before polishing it. I’ll get the next iteration to include fixing that very important part, thank you


Your game has a really good start, made me think of a corrupt tamagotchi but with the idea of making them as fat as possible. Tough i think having only 9 times seems very little to see progress, specially on the 9th day you skip stats and go right away to points. Cant say for sure what is your plan to reach an end but maybe to help push the limits, i would say, after each hibernation, instead of fully resetting, you could increase your stats slightly based on your permanent points, since its so quick to finish a round before hibernation.

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New version out now! I took some of everyone’s feedback to help improve in the spots that it needs to (and hopefully fix the bugs that were there):

  • Made it more clear on what each symbol is
  • Updated the graphics and UI
  • Options can be locked out if you don’t have enough resources for that option
  • Starting stats are lowered (I found it pretty interesting during my testing with lock out options)
  • All stats now effect how much dream points (Z) you gain
  • More modifier options have been added to the hibernation menu (and more are planned to come)
  • R is no longer based on how much Z is gained, but rather by completing tasks
  • A last day is added that gives you a chance to add a little more weight
  • Most menus can be accessed now (except the customization menu)

I hope you have fun with this more refined version of my idea, certainly is pushing the limits on me getting it to work haha :sweat_smile: There’s still more planned so hopefully it’ll only improve!

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There is a plan to add a modifier that increases the number of days you get to influence the character. I added an extra day to signal “Hey, this be the last day, their ready for beddy bye” :joy_cat:

And currently the end goal hasn’t been implemented yet, but I plan for it to be getting the full time’s sleep 3 times in a row, and with the game having some difficulty spike in doing so in order to push the limits of what you can do to achieve it :wink:

Looks like a good basis for a game! Looking forward to see it get fleshed out.

I’d suggest some flavour text to describe the outcome of each choice would be nice.

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After the update, even after completing a task I didn’t gain any R, so that’s not really a plus for now.

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Hope some of this gets finished by the end of the game jam! Looks interesting friend.

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Caught a bug where if I run out of a stat the session before a reset, options that need said stat are grayed out on the start of the next run.

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Love the concept of helping a bear character hibernate! Also the idea of building up stats, only to strip them away in order to push your weight up is very on-point!

There are couple of things I think the experience could benefit from, one of which is a final overview once the run is complete - I wanna see how well I did! Before whisking the player to the upgrade screen it would be good to have a breakdown of what the decisions made resulted in. There you can also display which challenges were completed or not. Hitting the snooze button on the final day makes for a fitting transition moment.

Finally, the stats. It wasn’t clear what the benefits of upping willpower, strength and happiness over weight beyond as a means to dip into them as a resource as needed, but those choices are largely up to chance. In terms of boosting weight, income seemed more important and the benefits of upping income are far easier to intuit than, say, strength. Especially if boosting a stat meant a weight loss penalty, it essentially guarantees it to never be selected.

It left me wondering if there could be a direct and immediate benefit tied to those other stats when boosted that actually felt beneficial to the player when picking them, beyond being fodder or required for challenges which are ancillary effects.

Overall it’s looking promising!


It looks like some of the quests are bugged, the “Don’t lose anything” quest fails after your first choice, even if you pick a choice with only positives. There are a few other quests that fail similarly.

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I think it might be because of the order that the stats get updated between runs, the task manager might be getting the data just before the game manager updates them for the new run. IE Task manager has 45 for Income but Game manager starts with 25, so choosing an option that would be valid on the surface like increasing Income by 10, Task Manager will fail it b/c 35 < 45, so I’ll need to fix this bug soon :face_exhaling: Thanks everyone for reporting it, took me a while to figure out what exactly was causing the error

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A little progress shot of the new score screen, the bar fills upward and divides between the stats. I got the bug fixed and am now currently adding in the task completion. School is picking up and so I’ll have to settle with whatever I can cobble together, but hopefully I can add more scenarios/options that will be more varied than mainly Income → Weight :sweat_smile:


New version up now! Here’s what’s happened!:

  • Added the tally score at the end of a run
  • Character art and Customization implemented
  • Data currently ONLY saves character customization, not play through yet!
  • Fixed the task system error
  • New scenario “The Library” that gives you only good bonuses
  • Scenarios now have randomized option placement and can have more than 4 kinds of options
  • More Perks have been added to give the player some addition advantages
  • A task reroll button has been added so you can reroll your tasks once after each run
  • Adjusted the values of perks
  • Made it so Income is kept between runs, making it more of a conflicting stat you need to handle

Current Bugs:

  • In mobile, the scenario text is dropped down and overlaps with the buttons

Planned but Not sure if Time will permit:

  • Add it so Task reroll will say that you have used it up
  • More scenarios with more varied options other than Income feeds Weight
  • Options that lock because of a stat requirement (low enough weight/high enough happiness)
  • Saveable progress
  • Audio + Options
  • Backgrounds
  • An end goal

I would appreciate everyone’s feedback with the final ~36 hours approaching us!


For now it seems a very big improvement since i played the first version, the only thing i disliked but i can understand it as a go big or go home, is if you have a dont lose any conditions, you are at the mercy of rng since there is one scenario where you will always have to lose something, either weight or income.
Since im playing on desktop the screen is very tiny and without it saving, i dont feel i can hold it long enough to try and really push the size to really high numbers but will still be keeping an eye on this, keep up the good work.

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