Weigtht gain fighting game

Here is my idea: a 2D fighting game in which some cute fat girls (and maybe some boys to appeal to a broader audience, idk) fight each other to make the opponent fatter.

I’ve been thinking about how could I turn weight gain into a fun mechanic for a fighting game so I came up with this: each fight lasts a maximum of 3 rounds. When you win a round, your rival gets fatter. Once your opponent is bigger they won’t move as fast as before, but their defense and attack power will increase significantly. That will give them a nice advantage that may help them to make a comeback. Making the weight gain part this way instead of doing it in a more gradual way will make the characters easier to animate.

I want to make this game in the future, but for now I’m just designing the characters and writing the story. Anyway, before getting to really work on this project I’d like to know your thoughts. What do you think about the concept? What kind of characters would you want to see in this game? Do you know if there’s already a similar game out there?


Well, KazeCat is working on something similar with the MUGEN engine, but it’s mostly about furries.


and less about weight gain and more about them already being fat. too much farting as well

Also most of his characters are unappealing.

Just putting this out there @anthill33 and @onipuck

It’s totally okay to be uninterested in certain aspects of a project because they don’t appeal to specifically your interests, but don’t be fooled into thinking that others share your dislike.

Also please take care to make sure you don’t cross into rudeness or incivility . FAQ - Weight Gaming


What kind of setting are you going for? Is it mostly martial artists or is it something more fantasy with magic attacks weaved into the kicking and punching?


That’s a really good question. I think most of the characters will use magical kicks, punches and projectiles like the Hadouken from Street Fighter, but I also want to make some characters that use martial arts, boxing and wrestling techniques… and even characters with crazy, unrealistic fighting styles like a cute, sleepy girl who uses a heavy pillow as a weapon, for example. So a little bit of everything, really.

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Here’s some ideas:

A pro wrestler similar to Zangief from Street Fighter
A pop diva who can stun foes via singing
A princess-type character who uses magical powers
A ninja girl that can use a Sangure=Passare-like technique almost identical to Kitana’s finisher from Mortal Kombat II
And more…

Thanks, I love these ideas! Certainly a big pro wrestler character with powerful grabs/throws and a quick ninja with crazy techniques like that sounds very interesting. I actually thought of including a princess-type character like that before, and the diva character sounds really fun to make. I’ll take these ideas into consideration.

You still thinking about this project?

Yes. It’s still in pre-production and I haven’t made much progress, but in a few days I will have much more free time and I’ll be able to work on this project properly.

Just came across this, and it seems interesting

If your still up to idea’s as to what kind of game to go with or just a theme, how about a Sumo wrestler idea? depending on what you can program the idea would be that you have to train your fighter between each tournament by getting fatter. The fighting game play would still be your standard 2D arcade fighting style

A sumo wrestler theme for a fighting game with weight gain would be very interesting and I would love to play something like that, but for this game I was thinking it could be something like Skullgirls, where the fighting style doesn’t need to make much sense. That way I can have more freedom designing the characters and their movesets.

As for training your fighter between tournaments, I really like this idea. The problem is that since I wanted to make 2D sprites for the characters, drawing different stages of fat for every animation of each character it could be very difficult. Perhaps this would fit better in a game with 3d models, but for the moment I’m not very good at modeling.

One problem with a dedicated “sumo” direction is that every character will end up feeling really similar because they all draw on the same martial art, one which (if I understand it correctly) is really straightforward in its technique. It’s also gonna be hard to animate wildly different attacks to differentiate characters–something very important for these games.

Giving them all weapons would help to circumvent this. For Honor gives a good example of how this works: different weapons are good for different things, so they’re used in different ways. Kensei, for example, has an odachi, which is basically a longsword, so he has good reach and a lot of mixups, which you see in HEMA. By contrast, Black Prior has a bigass shield, so his playstyle revolves around baiting attacks and then countering them with it. And, of course, the fat man himself has a giant club and is inspired by sumo, so he throws his weight and that of his weapon around, his most infamous move being “the hug.”