Welcome to Our New Community Manager!

Good day everyone!

As some of you may remember from the [POLL] Status of the Site 2022 Part 2 - Phase 2 Migration & General Updates post we where looking at bringing in some one to act as community manager to act a bit as a representative of the users inside of the admin team as well as take most of my current Community Manager duties since general administration and dev of the site has been taking more and more of my time.

I am happy to say that after much discussion we are happy to welcome @AlexKay into this new role!

From this point on @AlexKay will began handling most of our news and general communications posts like this one; with the major exceptions being the finances posts and more technically related posts like our maintenance or main site update posts which will still be handled by me. For the most part though you will begin to see most official announcements and posts coming from @AlexKay instead of me from now on.

Along with handling general communication, @AlexKay will also be acting a bit as a representative for the community within the admin team keeping an ear out for grievances within the community and reporting them to us for consideration.

We greatly look forward to getting to work with @AlexKay and as usual if anyone has any questions feel free to ask them below!


Thank you @grotlover for the kind words, as well as to everyone who has reached out to me with their well wishes. It truly is heartening to have the Admins place their confidence in me, to join them in supporting a community that I care deeply for.

I will do all that I can in ensuring that everyone here feels welcome and has a voice that can be heard. Looking ahead to the promising talent and exciting projects on the horizon, I personally cannot wait to see what the future has in store for this weird and wonderful group of creatives - I only hope that you all feel the same as I do in this regard.

Stay creative and stay weird, good people!


Who’re you calling weird???

goes off to work on images of fat girls eating till they can barely move

Okay… fair point :stuck_out_tongue: