Well, feck...

Don’t worry, I haven’t lost the source, and I haven’t stopped working on it. However, real life has reared it’s ugly head. A recent eye screening revealed that I have cataracts developing in both eyes; up until that point I just thought I’d scratched my glasses. The consultant basically said I need surgery, and I’ve now had the appointment through for the first one - the 4th March - less than two weeks away. Just the thought of it makes me feel sick - apparently they do this under a local? Thankfully health care is (more or less) free where I live.

Recovery is said to be 4 to 6 weeks, then I can only assume they will want to do the other one, so this could be ongoing for 3 months or so. The problem for me is that working in a dusty environment is out of the question while I’m healing, and that pretty much puts paid to any work, which is a problem. As I’m self employed, I don’t get paid sick leave.

I don’t know how this is going to impact development work; it may be I just feel too bad to do anything, or I could be resting up with the laptop open working away at the game because I can’t do much else.

I’m seriously considering going down the Patreon route to bring in some much needed cash, and I’d really appreciate some feedback on what to offer and also on how to do it from others who have gone there. One thing I don’t want to do is to put the game behind a paywall.

Here are some of the ideas I’ve been considering:

Tip Jar: Like the exisitng Ko-Fi thing, but a monthly tip.

Early Access: The typical Patreons see a new release a month before it’s available publicly.

Sponsorship listing: A list of backers available in game.

Dev notes: More of what I do here, but more frequent updates so you’d know what was going into the next release.

Prebuilt Player Character: Have your chosen character pre-built into the game from a character description (or artwork maybe?) at least within the limits of the character model. I’d have to add some code and basically build two releases though. I’d also have to limit how many of these I took on.

Walkthough: Access to a walk through by quest, my internal maps, and other hints and tips.

Javadoc: Access to the current build documentation for those who want to mess around with the debugger/cheats. My suspicion is this could lead to more trouble than it’s worth.

Species Commission: Add a new starting species to the game. I could probably only do one per month, and there would have to be some limitations.

Minor Cameos: When I need to add a new NPC, you could have the option of specifying the character. I’d still need to be in control of the selection though. You’d have the option of providing dialogue though I’d have a final say. You’d have to give permission for that character to be included in the game (also bearing in mind that some players will want to have sex with them).

Discord: I know a few games where the creators have their own discord, but I don’t know what value it would have other than posting dev-notes as I work. I’d like to keep questions about the game here really.

Streaming: I’ve no idea how to do this, and TBH I can imagine watching someone else code could be as entertaining as watching paint dry, but maybe I’m wrong?

Votes/Polls: Similar to the polls I do here from time to time, but carrying more weight?

Dev support: My assistance to help you build your game on top of the Yaffaif’s engine. You’d get a copy of the source, my how-to notes, and my time. You’d need to be a competent coder (XML/Java). This would definitely have to be a premium option.

Thoughts? Is Patreon the right thing? Should I look at some other similar sites? What would you be interested in donating for?

  • Tip jar
  • Sponsorship listing
  • Early access
  • Dev notes
  • Pre-build characters
  • Walkthrough
  • Javadoc
  • Species commission
  • Minor cameos
  • Discord
  • Streaming
  • Votes/polls
  • Dev support
  • Other (describe in a reply - or if you like someone else’s “other” give it a like)

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If anyone has (non-gore) tales of successful cataract surgery I’d like to hear, but maybe better by DM?


Best of wishes to you, I’m sure everything will go fine!


I think you’ve already got a pretty good idea of what you can offer. I’d definitely say your most valuable rewards would be the “patron inclusivity” ones, minor cameo and species comission.

I don’t know how much you can realistically expect to raise, but I figure having a Patreon open is better than not.

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good luck with the cat in eye problem as for the other vote i was thinking why not have an optional silly mode where you just dump goofy/broken/unfinished idea’s as for the walkthru please don’t make the game searia quest game hard … or dizzy dificult please be careful both online and off.

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I… don’t really know what to suggest/vote on for the patreon thing, I’m less familiar with it than you, and I have even less money, so I wouldn’t be able to financially support you either. All I can give are my best wishes that your surgery goes smoothly.

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I hope you make a fast recovery! My mother recently had cataract surgery (she’s in her mid-70s) and was advised it would take 4 weeks or so to make a full recovery, but she had the surgery and was back driving again inside a week. Hopefully your recovery will be just as rapid :slight_smile:

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I do want to reply to each of you, but I know Discourse will have kittens and block me posting if I do that person by person, so please excuse this group reply!

@Goodlew: Thank you, I hope so! I’m getting the impression from elsewhere it is nothing to worry about too.

@KaptainKQ: I think you are probably right, and as you say, something is better than nothing!

@bot: Thank you for your thoughts. I’m not planning to make the game hard, I don’t enjoy struggling with games myself, I’d rather just enjoy them. If there are any harder bits I want them to be, in effect, extras. Right now there aren’t any such bits in the story, but it’s certainly an idea for the future.

@Turbotowns: No worries about not having funds yourself, I know where you are coming from! Thank you for your wishes here.

@tiggertoo: Thank you, and it’s good to hear that your mother’s recovery went smoothly, and she didn’t have to wait so long to be able to drive again. I don’t use my car much as the local shops are walkable, but it sure is convenient when it’s needed!