Well Hello There, Stranger. (intro)

Hello there! I go by a few names, but for WGF, please refer to me as Big Bones, or just Bones.
I technically joined in August last year, but didn’t do anything as I didn’t really have anything to show.
I’m not much of a game dev, but I am interested in games with wg / inflation / vore themes. I do have RPG Maker VX Ace, MV and Paper, so I could make a game myself some day!

I’m more of an artist than a game dev, but it’s still good to be here.


Welcome, welcome!

don’t worry too much about not being a game dev, artists (and everyone else for that matter) is welcome! Assuming you’ve been lurking, feel free to interact with some of the projects around, and just have fun.

And if you end up wanting to make a game, go for it! There are some free options, like Ren’py and Twine, where you might be able to use your art. If you’re more into pixel-y art, something like the RPG maker you mentioned might indeed be nice.
And ask question whenever you need to, I’m sure someone will be on the ready to send you some help (including myself)

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Hello and welcome aboard! Echoing Izzayao here, but feel free to peruse the projects on offer and be part of the community. If you do feel like you could contribute towards a project in the future - either your own or in collaboration with others - then I look forward to seeing what you can come up with!

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