Well, i need help i guess...

I really wanted to make a WG game, but i can’t program much, so i am fnding people to help me. I am in my way to draw concepts and game mechanic ideas. Also don’t mind my english, i am from a diffrent country.

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Are you working with unity? If so, I might be of assistance, if you do want me to help you on programming, I might be of use. Really depends on what you are working on. Just message me if you want my assistance.

Unity? Well I would need to downlod it i guess cuz i was looking for a program. Well, i thought about something more 2d then 3d.

try rpgmaker or renpy

You can do 2d with unity, but it really depends on what you seek to do. Are you more so a level designer or programmer at heart, because if you are more so a level designer then yes rpgmaker may be best for you.

It’d probably depend on what kind of game you want to make. There’s different game engines that work better for different concepts. Below is a lost of common engines for certain types of games.

  • Ren’py is for visual novels
  • Twine is generally used for making text only games similar to visual novels except without visuals
  • RPGmaker is good for RPG games with visuals (either sprite or image based)
  • Quest is good for text only RPGs
  • Unity can do pretty much anything, and is what I’d recommend using if your concept doesn’t fit into any of those categories.

If you need help with any of those feel free to send me a message.