Were Fatty

Alright, this is gonna start out as an idea, but if enough people want a game like this from me then I’ll make it a project when the game is finished, how would you guys feel if I made a game about “Were Fatties” people who are overcome by their gluttony and are cursed to turn into an obese blob every full moon, their insatiable hunger in this form leads to them actually gaining weight. The whole point of the game is trying to find a way to cure yourself of this affliction or you may become immobilized, if you just want to take this idea and run with it, sure, I don’t need any crediting, just wanted to spit out an idea for a game. I wish I could buy RPG Maker but I’m not really gonna spend my money on that right now, maybe later.


Interesting idea, is there a specific reason to use rpg maker or do you simply like rpg maker games?

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this is a good idea, i would recommend quest or ren’py instead of rpg maker as they’re better at story/event based games, as rpg maker is better for games that include some kind of combat.


Exactly, twine, quest and renpy are better options unless you’re an artist capable of making quality pixel art and portraits.

Rpg maker games often bloats and get abandoned since you’ll spend more time designing maps, envyronments, combat mechanics and trying not to make too hideous the characters models (which, one way or the other, won’t ever look that good anyway).


I think he want’s it to be more interactive and more visual.

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Definitely going to catalogue this, has good potential.


As some of you may know, I’m semi-scrapping this idea. I was gonna make this a game but with all of the programming I put into this, creating certain endings, and trying to make a creative story has tired me out, for all that wish to pursue making their own game based on this idea, try it out, I don’t really have a lot of time right now and can’t pursue creating the game right now, but I promise I’ll be back to try and finish it.