WG and Fat Game Mods

Thought it would be good to post links here on Mods that allow weight gain or just increase the weight of the character in those games.

I’d like to start with Skyrim. I used to play this a lot and even ran a thread for Bodyslide mods.

So Bodyslide is a tool for setting the default high and low weights for your characters in Skyrim. It can technically be used on any gender, but really 99.9% of all of the mods are for female characters.

I highly recommend you check out the Bodyslide List here: http://www.loverslab.com/topic/16350-bodyslide-armor-and-clothes-list-v2/

And of course the main mod: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/49015/?

You see every armor in the game whether original or modded in needs counterpart bodyslide files in order to be adjusted. However once made you can apply a preset. My first serious preset was called Ai to Amy. Thats because I set the low weight proportions similar to Ai Shinozaki and high weight to Amy Villainous. You can’t get to extreme in size as the armor and bodies geometry starts breaking up.

Once you have a decent upper size you might then want to install a mod that increases your characters weight or others.
One would be Porked Up http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/23448/? or this add-on for realistic needs http://www.loverslab.com/topic/17160-weight-change-realistic-needs-and-diseases/

For other characters try the weight alteration spell http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/50625/?

A mild example attached.

Now the good news is I can see this all being ported to Fallout 4. So if that’s your bag, get bodyslide for that.


In case this was missed…

Someone made Abby in Stardew Valley a bit plumper.
By a bit, I mean she’s fat now.

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[quote=“Lazzi Silverbit, post:2, topic:769”]In case this was missed…

Someone made Abby in Stardew Valley a bit plumper.
By a bit, I mean she’s fat now.[/quote]
Now THAT’S the kind of stuff I like to see!

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I grabbed that plump Abigail mod. Stardew Valley is a game that could easily accommodate a weight gain mod. Basically add a ‘caloric’ value to each food, and balance it against the energy mechanic that’s already there. In other words, you burn calories doing the same things that drain energy, but keeping your calorie intake higher means you wake up fatter each day. And for NPCs, since you can only give them gifts so often anyway, their gains would be well-paced too. Would that I had the knowledge and artist talent (to make new sprites) for such a mod.


If I weren’t so busy with the forum and my other projects, I’d consider it. Stardew has been an awesome game and, as many have pointed out, lends itself to a WG mod pretty well. I haven’t had a chance to look it up, but I do wonder how straight forward it is to mod.

I’d also like to see some fat edits and/or weight gain mods in 2d games.

Found some more Stardew stuff!
Plump Penny
Hefty Haley
Stardew Fatty Mod (Featuring Abigail)

The last one has some slightly NSFW elements in the text.

Uh, I need to pay for a membership to get the mods on Nexus… I’m not wasting a dollar for something that small…

You should be able to download everything with a free account. Nexusmods only requires premium accounts to download from extra servers that in theory have lower demand. In practice I’ve never noticed the free servers being that slow anyway.

Oh, my mistake. I thought you HAD to pay for an account. I didn’t realize you could make one just by not selecting a package.

I hope I’m not intruding, but there ARE body slider mods for The Sims 3 and The Sims 4…

Does anyone know what happened to the heftier haley mod, I had it at one point but I can’t find it anymore.

@as1224 Is this the Haydee mod you are after?


Hey, can you please give a download link? I don’t want to get a Tumbler account. Thanks!

Haydee fat mod, or “Fatdee” is good to go, here is the download link of the mod:


I just copied the post minus the images and tags.

Oh, a half robot half human that is fat? Sounds interesting.

Yeah, I found one mod that makes it possible to make Sims more fat in The Sims 4.

This is the normal maximum fatness weight for a woman.

And this is the one with the x3 mod.

Here’s the link to the mod. You’ll need to enable Script Mods to make the Sim stay at that weight, or be able to gain weight and reach that weight level over time.

Anyone heard of any weight gain mods for Babylon project

What about mods for the female models in WoW (World of Warcraft)?

if anyone is looking for good male body replacer that allows larger men SAM is good
SAM-Shape Atlas for Men

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