wg and inflation games for chrombooks?

my first topic on here hoping to find wg and inflation games for Chromebooks! and for people who also use Chromebooks

I can only think of flash games, there are some over at Deviantart. Oh, and if you are looking for quality… welp, good luck with that

Yikes, chromebooks have like nothing to offer whatsoever.

yeah there not the best laptops to have but im getting a better one soon

Oh hey quick responder, hope you have a better time with that new pc, but in the meantime… there are some deviantart flash games you might want to check out like BellyBelting said.

Here’s a couple high-quality browser-based games that I have played on my Chromebook:

Fatty text adventure game - Fatty text adventure game alpha 0.6 (final version) by noone -- Fur Affinity [dot] net
Eat the Dungeon - https://www.bewilderedgames.com/

Any game on here hosted on textadventures.co.uk (jerkajerk’s are my personal favorite - All of my Quest games by jerkajerk on DeviantArt)

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this game works on chromebook. pretty decent shump with wg elements

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If you’ve hacked your Chromebook to support Java for Minecraft, then you could give my game Yaffaif a go. No promises though, I don’t own one to test on.

Also, if you’ve Linux on there through that hack you’ve also other options for games such as Steam, and other IF players as well as RenPy games.

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