WG Artist Tierlist

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LordStormCaller, fishflavored, catboymech, KipTeiTei, pewbutt, SIZE-SURPRISE, ManiacalFork, JayTee-FAArtist, CherryDood, Ray-Norr, pixiveo, Better-with-Salt, chokuryu, CSMKynes, Metalforever, berserker1133, Axel-Rosered, bear-funny, GentleGolem, beltpop, pepto-abyssmal, Pocharimochi, LicoriceBeetle, Tashoelle, TheAmericanDream, vitlut, yogofrozo, Azumaonfire, Maxywellness, revoluption, binge-chan, idacknowledged, LordAltros, dusk-nobody, CozyNakovich, Cookies-Cat, MeTrack, Scringee, Cyorck, AR-paint, Tail-Blazer, EddieHolly, P-Gritt, Further-Within, fatpandabutt, Sofuki, w-oo-t, cherbit, Takamoom, Belt-Buster, GollyGeo, Mistko, C-Stormway, metropep, kawaiidebu, shydude, WhatEvaMan03, 3starlight, abebae, JustAnotherFatArtist, Seatbelt-DA, SweetnessAdmirer, SkwishGum, miramiraclerun, CuprumRus, alisagromova, Idle-Minded, Tonbelly, Alltheseaccounts, ashgallalla, eatmorecake, Plumpchu, Glacierwerks, tsarman, Jackie-Jaw, OhasiArt, KitKatOi, piengoo, beeeeeat, G0D07, Ochimiu, JayKuma, DFoot86, firewarrior121, sugarbabee, Nevoki, SpratFA, marmo98, FaBeArt, boogapig55, secretgoombaman12345, coolviki


Oh no… the real war is about to start…


this is just asking for trouble…but i like drama


I wonder who is going to start this and how it’s going to end. I already got my popcorn and coke ready for this showdown.


I’m just mad I’m not on that list XD

Deviantart: Axxis2020


I would’ve recommended some artists for this list, but for how long this tier list already is. I think it’s better to just leave it as it is instead of making it longer or possibly adding more fuel to the upcoming war.

I mean, hey, if they’re producing content that we can all enjoy then that’s a W for the community in my book. S-tiers for all!

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This is a bit off topic for the site and we have had issues with teir lists like this causing moderation problems in the past so we are locking the thread.

Sorry for any inconvenience