wg centered pmd romhack

(Please Note: This is more or less the planning stages of the romhack, nothing will be actually produced or prototyped until I’m fully ready/able to.)

I own a kink oriented western themed pmd roleplay server and during the beginning of it’s creation I had the idea to create a romhack for the server after the story is completed fully by the roleplayers. The project would be very difficult however which is why I decided to let people know about this project before I actually have to start it since it’s something I wouldn’t be able to do alone.

Plot is basic, you’re a Pokémon a few months after their 18th birthday and you decided to move out on your own to an island named Agave. You weren’t told about the various odd happenings there which leads to you discovering the oddly fetishistic nature of its residents and even the more dangerous side of these kinks down in the various dungeons.

There will be 7 dungeons in all, Mines, Hidden Labs, Flooded Beachside Caves, Old Catacombs, Mazes, a Mansion, and a Willy Wonka inspired factory.

There’s 4 main towns you’re able to visit, all with different Pokemon inside (various OCs from said roleplay server) as well as shops and maybe even different party members you can recruit (depending on if I’m willing to code something like that…).

It’s going to be incredibly ambitious, I’ll probably have to find some loopholes into how I’m going to be able to do something like this effectively but I hope you all will look forward to it. I don’t feel comfortable sharing the link to the server here as I have no clue how people feel about servers like that but it’s public on Disboard if you’re willing to search it out and join!

If any of this interests you at all I will be going into more detail on what exactly is in this romhack at a later date. I hope you all look forward to what inevitably comes out of this project (if it even gets off the ground in the first place).


That is awesome!!! And I can help you, even though I have no knowledge of D&D

I’m not sure where you got the D&D part from but I’d love the help either way.

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How long until you’re ready to work on it?

Well, do you have a discord server? So I can talk to you more directly

absolutely in love with this idea. all i ask is for playable vulpix (and maybe some hyper/immobile content as well). lookin to join the discord, what would i look for on disboard?

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Maybe I can play a gluttonous cubone that is a feeder?

It’s going to be quite a while until I’m ready to fully work on it so don’t expect news anytime soon. I can promise however that I am working on the concept phase of it right now.

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PMD and fat for the tag searches should work, if you can’t find it then I dunno maybe I got shadow banned or something.

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Yes I do, as mentioned in the post. You’ll probably be able to find it easily on Disboard if you search fat and pmd. Western themed as also said above.

Okay, I’ll try looking for it, thanks

This sounds interesting, PMD ROM hacks are always super cool, so I’m looking forward to seeing this come to fruition!