{WG/Expansion RP} Tower of Heaven 2nd Anniversary Announcement and Update!

{Weight Gain/Expansion Content Ahead}
What started as a stand alone hobby project that I worked on every now and then has since turned into a huge project of passion and love for myself an my team now. Myself, Ezkuperie, and my friends and partners on this project, Goodlew, Alphard, Illyria, Skitter and Buny have poured heart and soul into making this little world of ours be enjoyable to rp in. And now with over a thousand members in the server and 2 years of rp and activity, I think we’ve been pretty successful in our goal so far. Tower of Heaven is a place of character development, of story building, of making lasting impact on a dynamic world, all while of course, having plenty of kinky fun. The server is focused on growth kinks, but is open to most other kinks! What sets us apart from other server is the world building and the unique focus on the consequences of choice, of character progression and of adventures across a vast array of floors on a giant, mysterious monolith that reaches out to the heavens. So come, with this anniversary update, an ocean floor has been release, so with the ToH beach episode now upon us, now is a great a time as ever to join! So come on in, we’ll welcome you with open arms, and of course-
May the Tower grant you fortune.


Honestly the best fantasy RP server around, if you want some grand adventures and also, yknow, to get fat?
No better place I can think of.


I’m so glad I could be part of such an amazing community and for this server to be my own little safe space. Happy second anniversary TOH and thank you for everything

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I think I glanced at this briefly before, but it seemed like the game was mostly just a freeform RP game with very little rules, especially with how combat//traps might work. I assume that’s still a thing, or have the rules evolved over the last few years?

It’s still very free form! There are alot of guides to go off of though, and people have made their own dungeon rulesets too, so usually it’s up to you what you do, but yeah, it’s not quite DnD style, though some people do like to run it similarly

A fun server where I’ve met some great people! Glad to celebrate this anniversary with joining after the last one.