WG Finance reports?

I noticed the last report was back in November 2020. I apologize if I missed anything, I was just curious if there was a reason why these have not been posted since?

If it’s okay to ask, that is.


This is just because @grotlover2 has been too busy here of late to put the numbers together. We’re looking at potentially having an accountant look at this stuff.

Another potential solution is to move these reports to quarterly reports to ease the burdens on grot.


Quarterly makes sense, for time management purposes.

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Sorry, didn’t realize I was rude. Thanks for the response, Kilif!

You’re fine, its a reasonable thing to request. We like to be as transparent about this as possible, but unless you’re an accountant, no one enjoys running numbers, so it ends up getting a low priority in the long run.


Yeah, that’s understandable! Though I meant I didn’t give thanks for the answer, so I felt I was rude.

My manners need some polishing. lol

Just to add what @kilif said, yep the main thing is I have just been too busy with the site work to get the statements out. I do still keep them up to date but just been hard finding the time to release them monthly at the current moment.

I do plan on releasing another statement this month though as soon as we get the rest of the invoices we need for the sheet in. After that I do think we are going to start releasing them as quarterly reports.


Only seems fair, given the workload. Thanks for the reply, Grot!