WG Life Sim in Unreal

I would have posted this sooner but work’s been killing me the last 2 weeks.

My idea is basically a 3d life sim in unreal 4, where you can create a character, walk around a small town, work at a job, stuff your face with food, gain a bunch of weight… you know, the usual stuff.

I also want to open up to other kinks and interests, but the main focus in the beginning is weight gain/stuffing/inflation.

I plan on having a playable “demo” out in the next month or so. (demo being in heavy quotes since its basically just going to be a proof of concept with programming and to see if the idea I have for the weight gain system will even work)

It would get done sooner but I’m currently in the middle of moving and I don’t really have a room at the moment so I have no privacy and am just not in the right headspace atm.

Anyway my b for ranting, I’m super tired lmao. If you have any questions of ideas, I’m happy to listen and answer.


Great interest


I’ll have a more in depth description when I make the project post. I was super tired when I wrote this last night since and just wanted to get it done since I meant to do it a week ago

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Hit me up if you require some assets on discord.