WG related libraries for textadventures.co.uk?

Just started trying to teach myself how to make text-based adventures using the tools at https://textadventures.co.uk (it seems to be a relatively good tool for any interested folk without a background in coding, such as myself, but I’ve only really begun to dip my toes into it). You can import libraries of player-made functions and code, and I was wondering if anybody had any libraries for fetish content like weight gain and the like?

If anyone’s had some experience creating games through the site (or text-based games in general - I’m hardly an experienced game designer), I’d appreciate any insight or advice you could offer there too. Cheers.

Quest is a great tool to start with coding / interactive fiction. It appears on first read that you aren’t familiar with some of the classic Quest games on this site like Becky’s Binge or Kate’s Uni Days. If you don’t know already, it tends to be a popular medium here.

Libraries are sparse here, if ever circulated; I’ve never seen them. Quest tends to be used by first-time coders to make linear games so I suppose the demand for imported code is low. There are a few help threads for Quest on this site so definitely browse those.

IMO #1 thing to acknowledge is don’t use the browser editor unless you 100% have to.

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