WG-Related Superpowers (IDEAS)

Sonar/Sonic Belches

Iron Stomach - can eat and digest anything

Inflation & flying away like a balloon

Seduction/Seductive Aura (from chest, waist, hips, etc.)

Demonic Possession (by Beelzebub, the Demon of Gluttony)

Destructive ass mass that can whack into buildings and knock them down


Sumo Samurai - the ability to sword-fight like an agile warrior despite size

Sumo Samurai Sword - ancient sword that grants holder the abilities of a samurai warrior, while also making them become the size of a sumo wrestler

Rolling up into a human ball

Acrofatic - super athletic despite weight

Indestructible layer of fat, withstanding punches and projectiles

Overweight Illusionist that makes others see them as skinny (similar to the movie Shallow Hal)

Voodoo Witch that overstuffs voodoo dolls to make selected person gain weight

Fat Time-Traveler from dystopian world where fat people are being persecuted

Inter-Dimensional fat rolls/cleavage that can hide weapons/items

Insulating Fat that can withstand subzero temperatures

Calorie Manipulation - can manipulate the amount of calories in food that they/others eat

Clapping Thunder Thighs that cause thunder and earthquakes

Projectile Button-Popping - the ability to pop buttons on clothes in the direction of a target with extreme accuracy

Fat Vampire that sucks fat out of others for energy via touch

Megalomaniacal Fat Goddess that wants belly worshipped

Gelatinous Body (body made out of jello)

Jekyll/Hyde potion that turns drinker into a fat “hulk” with superhuman strength

Black Hole Mouth - can suck up matter like a vacuum

Black Hole Belly Button - navel is so deep it can lead to other dimensions

Transforming into a stream a water and pouring into a person’s mouth, bloating them like a water balloon until they are incapacitated, then escaping either by urination or back through the mouth

Twins who can combine to form one giant fat person

Ability to transform into fat animals (whale, cow, pig, hippo, etc.)

Siren that tricks sailors, latches onto them, and drowns them with their increasing weight

Gluttony Manipulation - can make others crave food

Drinking potions/fuel and burping fire like a dragon

Hive Mind fat assimilation - horde of mind-controlled zombies gaining weight as part of a collective

Prehensile Fat shape-shifting

Animal Whispering - manipulating animals to bring food to them

Wendigo Possession cannibal vore

Sentient Belly that commands host to feed it

Invisible fat person, can’t hide because belly indent presses against hiding spot (sheet, curtain, etc.)

Belly Collector - supernatural being that steals belly fat from people to add to collection

Two separate people who share a fixed weight between them. One loses, the other gains

Contortionist who can stretch their fat like plastic

Superhuman Speed-Eating - can eat large meals at an impossible pace

Contagious Obesity

Touches material, gains weight equivalent to weight of material times their own body volume

Metabolism Manipulation - can accelerate/decelerate the metabolism of others

Stares at body parts to make them grow bigger

Can increase the weight or mass of any object

Can become fat on command

Good luck charm belly button ring

Weight Gain Hypnotism/Mind-Control

Medium that can trade unwanted body fat from others to other people who want it

Big-Boned Skeletal Structure that gets thicker with increased calcium intake

Wind Generation via belly fat jiggling/spinning (like a windmill)

Ventrikinetic Combat, expanding like a blowfish defense mechanism

Mind controlling people in their dreams to eat while they’re sleep

Sponge skin, absorbs water through skin to bloat

Photosynthetic plant person, gains weight from sun exposure

Popcorn body that expands in temperate conditions

Force Field generating abdomen/butt/chest fat

Shirt incinerating stomach, hot belly that melts everything it comes in contact with

Weight equivalent of Samson’s hair, strength increases with gain

Human storage unit who can store anything in gut

Weight Gain bombs that explode and emit a gas that causes rapid weight gain once inhaled

Were-Fatty that gains weight during the full moon, spreads it via biting people

Hourglass shaped body with time manipulation abilities

Anti-Gravity Fat - allows them to walk up walls and on ceilings

Powerful chest/belly/booty bumps

Gorgon stomach, causes people to turn to stone when looking at it

Illuminescent stomach that blinds people

Blinding cleavage that makes people go blind when staring for too long

Earthquake generation by belly flopping onto ground

Frictionless skin, can slide stomach against any surface

Cyborg belly that is powered by fuel

Overweight Vampire that drinks copious amounts of blood

Tuba player who plays a special low note that makes everyone who hears it gain weight

Midas touch that turns everything to food

Fat-assed nightmare succubus, sits on faces of people to suffocate them in sleep

Ass grows in size as it’s thrusted like a projectile toward a target

Torpedo launching stomach, sucks in and pushes out projectiles

Size Reduction/Shrinking, but staying the same weight so BMI increases as height decreases

Corrosive stomach acid. Shaking stomach to emit acid from mouth

Drawing tattoos on stomach that can transform into real objects (through navel)

Nipple lasers

Belly button laser

Blowing powerful winds from mouth by inhaling, inflating chest, then exhaling and blowing everything away

Fat opera lady with Viking aesthetic and Valkyrie powers

Suit w/ see-through visor over stomach area into which gas is pumped, causing belly to bloat and press against visor window

Belly sweat that evaporates into a cloud and rains down on others, causing them to bloat

Voracious belly button that eats and chews out matter, like bullets

Jackhammer ass that violently shakes and drills holes through things

Gluttony manifested in demon form

Trickster Genie that makes deals w/ conceited girls who wish for better looks, but always with a catch that ends up in them gaining weight somewhere

Shadow that eats host and gets fatter

Junkie stoner with uncontrollable munchies

Fat suit that blends into skin when worn

Gains more knowledge the heavier they are

Fat-Shifting - can transfer and concentrate body fat to preferred areas when needed

Evil glutinous split personality/binge-eating disorder separated from host into own body

Sentient fat that can move around and attach to different hosts

Persuasive Girl Scout that can manipulate others into stuffing themselves w/ cookies

Portal-hopper that gets too big to fit through portals

Special arrows that make body parts swell where they hit

Charybdis swirly mouth that sucks up things like Bermuda Triangle

Belly deflation to fit through small spaces

Bingo wings that allow flight

Absorb things through stomach

Telekinetic wardrobe malfunction causer

Weight-powered electricity generation (increase in voltage with increase in weight)

Ability to increase weight/size of pictures/files by making the people in them fatter (also applies to paintings of people)

Magnetic body fat that can either repel or attract things

Accordion body that can compress to slide through tight spaces and then widen back out to normal

Person who can use others as vessels to consume food through, causing them to gain all the weight on their behalf

Weight manipulation (can make the numerical weight on the scale less or more while still remaining the same body shape)

Weight loss reverser (can undo weight loss in others by reversing time)

Self-combustion into a burst of flames, then arising from ashes like a Phoenix

Hologram projector on stomach

Seismic stomach growls

Removable stretchmarks that can be used as projectiles

Escape artist body that can grow/shrink to set itself free from traps/binding (like ropes, chains, handcuffs, etc.)

Bouncy butt that can be used to bounce around as a form of transportation or way to reach up to heights

Overweight dimension traveler that can manifest through 2D photos/drawings

Witch with a cauldron for a stomach that can brew potions

Leprechaun with a pot belly of gold, giving them good luck

Ability to drink water and brew beer in stomach, then urinate distilled moonshine

Freckled stomach with freckles that can be detached and thrown like projectiles

Spiral drawn on stomach, can hypnotize people when stomach moves and the spiral spins

Reality bender that can walk through someone and combine their weight together so their stomach is showing through the host they’ve attached to

Has a lasso that can make the things it wraps around heavier (or alternatively, it can pull anything regardless of heavy of it is)

Can add matter from the environment to themselves, increasing their body mass

Can take away a person’s anger/sadness/fear by giving hugs

Medusa asscrack that causes people who stare to turn to stone and then crack in pieces

Inventor with various fat belly molds of different colors, each with a different function, that can be attached to the abdomen to grant the wearer certain powers

Person who can injure/contort a specific target by playing with their belly in a certain way (for instance, wobbling their stomach makes the target start seizuring, making rolls on the stomach causes the target to bend and break their body into being folded)

Villain that’s responsible for several tragedies by getting on board boats and planes with weight limits and growing in size to cause them to crash/sink.

Can suck out calories of food through their fingers

Vacuum butt cannon

Ability to throw object in air and turn around to bounce object off ass

Super strong rear end that can hold up extremely heavy objects

Inflatable chest to soften impact of crashes

Hunter-gatherer instinct, enables one to eat more from capturing more prey

Literal burning fat. Pyrokinetic that has to keep putting on weight in order to burn it like a wick needing a wax candlestick in order to burn

Ice themed character that freezes people with big bellies to keep them around their house as ice sculptures

Ice/snow person that can accumulate weight by adding snow/ice to itself, but then loses weight in heat through sweating/melting

Can enter paintings and drawings of food and eat them, removing them from the image


You could try kinetic energy storage and release with it being stored as a durable adipose esque substance

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Electrical powers. fat can be converted into energy so the more fat stored the higher the voltage that can be used.

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Maybe the power to inflate to beyond universal proportions by sucking up massively-copious amounts of air/oxygen, ignoring the vacuum of space.

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