WG scenarios you wish could be in AAA games

You know about WG/Fat mods and such, but what I mean to ask is more what you wish could happen as a fully fleshed out event or new mechanic within a game of your choice. Maybe even just rework the entire premise of the game.

I’ll use mine as an example:

I would love a version of “Life is Strange” where the goal would be to use Max’s rewind ability to maximize her weight gain and that of the gain of those around her. Rewinding until you figure out the best argument to use to get someones food for yourself or to get them to eat more food themselves, learning the most efficient routs to eat as much as possible in a day, learning where to be and being there at all the perfect times to entice others to eat more, ect.

That’s mine, you have any?


I’ve seen several stories of this, but I’d love a version of Tomb Raider where taking a treasures triggers weight gain in Lara.

In the early part of the game, have her cursed by an entity that sees disturbing any of these sites as greedy, and decides to have it affect her. Little things, like finding a cache or coins or an interesting piece of ancient pottery, have a small, static weight bonus attached to them, while taking the main treasure of a site begins a constant weight gain.

It’d effectively be a timer to see if you can get Lara out before she gets stuck or unable to complete the athletics necessary to escape. At that point, the screen would fade to black, and you’d get a conversation and cutscene about calling in her friends to get her out.

In each chapter, have her able to use some sort of technology or countercharm that lets her slim down, so she’s able to start each new adventure skinny again, and have the fun start all over.

…not that I’ve put a lot of thought into this or anything.


My self is I would love to see a game like Dungeon Keeper or Evil Genius with a weight gain focus. I like the idea of having a dungeon that is meant to fatten up those foolish enough to wonder into your base/dungeon. And for those who like to play the character being fattened it could be fun to instead have your goal to be make your player character as fat as possible by growing your dungeon and launching raids. Also, it can be fun to be the bad guy some times :wink:

Tbh this is actually one of my dream games I would love to implement one day


Personally I want a city building game where you try to keep your citizens as fat as possible so they’re kept happy and compliant. Tropico hints at this slightly with the free food edict but I want something on a much wider scale. Pardon my pun.


I think I kind of got my wish with the Sims series lol. I’d love to see a higher maximum weight and more softness in future titles (which sadly seems pretty unlikely).

I’d like to see a similar weight gain system in other lifesim types of games like Harvest moon. I also think it could work for RPGs, with healing items having a fattening effect if you use them too generously (or generously enough ;D ).


I’m hoping the rumor about red dead 2 having weight gain/hair growth are true. They probably won’t be drastic changes but if I can fatten up a cowboy by making him a glutton then I want to~

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Clearly an off the cuff response xD

I’d love to have a story heavy RPG like Mass Effect, but you can push your companions and your player character into certain lifestyles, affecting their physical appearance. Also it would be important to implement a fantastic character creation system and clothing options, and alternative outfits for the companions as they change. And everyone will react to everyones changes in character (witty responses, cynical remarks, etc…)


Maybe something along the lines of Street Fighter/Mortal Kombat where, between fights, your character can bulk up?

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probably something like sim city but adding new stuff to make citzens fatter


mine own desire be in relation to open world stye of gaming as some systems attributes be gaind via repition why not have health be altered in relation too as diet is an important part of training done wrong well use your imagination here.