WG-Themed ROM Hacks


Speaking of the guy who claims that Mario has a mental illness and that Princess Peach is dead after Rosalina left her home, he ripped off artwork from a deviant named TubbyToon, who made a pic of Princess Peach fattened up to Princess Plump’s level of video game fatness.

I apologize if this was unrelated to the topic at hand…


Back to the topic at hand, there was a Brawl modification made by darksonic19 on Brawl Vault that made Peach rather pudgy. Unfortunately, either KCMM or he himself took it down. I already posted the topic in the Video Game Mods section of this site. darksonic19 has a DeviantArt page, but if you ask him for it, he’ll tell you that he removed it from his hard drive.

Also, it would be neat if someone de-uglified the Fat Fairy in ALttP…


Deciding to dust this thing off, I’m probably going to one day make an EarthBound hack involving four SSBBWs forming a team to stop an evil being said to be the successor to Giygas and his accomplice, who happens to be the possessed corpse of Claus from Mother 3, with the entire plot taking place years after the fan-created Mother 4.


That’s Pokemon Weight Gain Version by PWGGBA. Unfortunately, he/she was hit by severe copyright heat.

On the other hand, here’s a suggestion for a ROM Hack of one of the Breath of Fire titles: Remember the part where the queen was fattened up by demons inside her body? Well, what if, instead of gaining weight from those demons, she lost weight, and the heroes had to make her fat again by defeating said demons?[/quote]

lolwut? I wasn’t around when it was being made, being new to the net and all. I can’t find anything on that anymore other than a few videos years ago? Archived copy or forum available?

It seemed bad anyways though. Like an amateur ROM. Though how did it get copyright striken? It’s strange, it seems like all of 10 people would have downloaded it anyways.

Because you’d think everyone making money off fat Pokemon fanart would be struck down then too, but those people still got pretty big.

I’m asking more out of pure curiosity.

I know the newer games also have boob mods, though definitely less drastic.


I think either Nintendo or The Pokemon Company International saw the videos and shut down the ROM Hacker’s operation…


Maybe a Sonic 2 XL-styled SMW Hack that uses Super Peach World DX as a base would be an ideal ROM Hack.

Here’s the link to SPW: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/3707/


That reminds me! There’s a really cute SMW hack called Peach’s Adventure that was released last year. I think there was some discussion when it was released but I can’t remember. There’s not really WG but peach is definitely bigger then usual and it’s a really cute and fun lil rom hack. Check it out y’all https://www.smwcentral.net/?p=section&a=details&id=18434


You should look for a Pokemon Fire Red hack named Pokemon Sweets. You may get some inspiration from it


^ Or you could, yknow, link it?

Anyway, obviously the answer is to make a moemon romhack but theyre all fat. I’m honestly surprised I havent seen this yet.