What about games where you just play as fat characters?

I’ve been thinking about the games I’d like to create one day, when I get the time to learn art and coding, and I’ve noticed I’ve had quite a few ideas that had fat protagonists and has no weight gain or other kink involved.

In one, you’re a chunky exterminator lady who fights space bugs. I also thought about a co-op mode where you would play as another exterminator girl who’s equally big.

Another is more abstract, all I know is I want a character-driven RPG starring a fat boy and a fat girl who are childhood friends. I don’t really know about the plot, the setting, nor how they would fight, but it’s just enough to make me want to dive into it.

Ever mused about fat chars outside of WG too?


One game I’ve been tossing around in my head for years now is an RPG where one of the romance options is a chubby girl, despite the game also not having any fetish content in it and despite the fact that her weight would rarely, if ever, even be mentioned. Reading your post makes me want to develop the idea for my game more though. Maybe even try my hand at 3D modeling one of the characters (though I only just learned how to use the software this semester and I have yet to make any people with it).


I mean I’m totally down for a non-weight gain game with fat women. It just depends on what the actually game is

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That sounds awesome. If she was more than ‘chubby’, I wouldn’t have any problems with it, either. Honestly, I’d love to see more mainstream games where weight isn’t stigmatic, and that might help bolster the idea in the eyes of the general public, especially if you post it somewhere less wg-centric in addition to this site when it’s done. If you get around to it. No pressure!

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I’m not even out of the idea building phase of it yet, though this is one game I definitely want to make a reality at some point. If I do, this will be a place I post it, but it for sure won’t be the only place I post it. The main reason I say chubby is because the general public will likely be more receptive to it that way. Plus, note that her being “chubby” actually means she has more fat on her than it probably sounds like. Like, I’d say a bit larger than Melony from Pokemon Shield, if you’ve played that game.

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Care to elaborate? I’m curious.

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What I was thinking was just a normal game that happens to have overweight women in it. For example imagine Mass Effect, but the player can pick a fat body type for Commander Shepard. If there’s no weight gain elements the focus should be on what the actual game is

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if I made normal games I would probably make fat character mods for all of them. it would be nice if more games did

Sounds good to me. I’d love to see it in more games…So many that don’t have the option where it would’ve been interesting to see it!

Most of my game ideas do involve weight gain but not in a fetish way. There are also non player characters of various sizes. Once I release my first game, I am more likely to make a more mainstream game with fat main character or other major characters or maybe a society where a lot of people are fat.

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There WAS a political game where you could be fat and run a nation of fat people, but unfortunately, it’s lost to time and unavailable for download.

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Do you know if there’s any documentation about it? I’d like to look it up if possible. That might be worth looking into, at the very least.