What are some of the best free games with unbirth in it.

I want to know some of the best games with unbirth

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Realtalk, it’s probably better to ask https://aryion.com/#show-forum-tree .
I’m struggling to think of any games with unbirth here, TBH.

Aside from FUBN (Flying UnBirth Ninja), there’s really not that many games that contains unbirth. :slightly_frowning_face:

Unless if you’re fancy with Giantess games or Text-based games that does feature unbirth, then you have greater luck. Otherwise, there’s nothing much aside from searching some other games in Eka’s portal.

I’m not sure if you could find games outside of that, but since Eka’s portal is a vore themed community, I think it’s recommended. :heart:

Maybe a “Looking for” thread should be your starting point, provided if you already have an account there. :smile:

Flexible Survival has some unbirth content, although it’s not the main focus. It also has vore, pregnancy (including mpreg and eggpreg), and loads of TF, though what little weight gain there is is sadly confined to individual TF lines.

https://blog.flexiblesurvival.com/ There’s both a singleplayer ‘story mode’ version, set in the original 2008 setting, and an RP-focused MUSH that takes place in the present day.

Also it’s best to mention that in FS (the singleplayer one for sure, I haven’t played the MUD), the unbirth ability is a skill you have to do a little plotline to unlock.
IIRC it was pretty worth it, though.

I know a bit game called shrink exp
(Male protagonist) fights(female)
2D and many scenes I personally liked the unbirthing game. The main thing are the achievements you can probably finish the game in 6 hours. Have fun