What are some weight gain / inflation related scenarios you like?

I’ve been working on and off of a text adventure project and I’m just looking for some ideas. Let me know what kind of scenarios you guys like


Text adventures are rad :love_you_gesture: Here are some I always love:

  • At Wizard College, a Lipomancer is disguised among the class as a life magic major and wants to make his/her fellow friends fat
  • In a post-apocalypse setting, survivors struggle to make due as a chemical fallout slowly spreads from the nearby impact zones (which makes you fatter the longer you’re in it)
  • A regular life sim but your love interests are all friends, competing for your favor, and are varying degrees of fat admirers
  • You’re a princess to a king & queen who control everything from your marriage to your diet. In an attempt to take control of your life and individuate from your parents, you break your diet and fatten up by sneaking around the castle and hijinx ensue

Those are some of mine (the more original of my stories at least).


Mine is something related to making other people fat as a result of our interferance. Essentially disrupting someplace that’s otherwise normal, either through accident or on purpose. There are probably infinite possible ways how that could be, but off the top of my head, maybe something to do with making food additives for resturaunts.


My general preference is for the player character to be the one gaining, or at least the primary gainer in the story. The shape this takes can vary a great deal.

I’ve always really like the Reluctant Gainer, a person getting fat because of circumstances beyond their control. Maybe in time they come to accept it, maybe they even grow to like it, but initially they are certainly not happy about their increasing waistline. I’ll admit, this is a very counter intuitive thing to include in a game. We as players are making decisions that make the PC fat, but they themselves are not on board with it, so why are they making these decisions?

I recall an earlier post on the forum from one person, who was having the player take the role of a demon or spirit that was influencing people to put on weight, even if they weren’t so inclined. I thought this was a brilliant workaround to this problem.

Some common scenarios in this vein I like:

  • A formerly athletic individual goes to college after a career ending sports injury. Circumstances force her to sacrifice her diet and exercise plan in exchange for grades, and she begins packing on the pounds.

  • A young woman winds up losing her job and becomes a stay-at-home wife. Naturally snack-happy and lazy, combined with a husband she doesn’t know is actually a Feeder, it doesn’t take too long before her weight is spiraling out of control.

  • A new secretary finds herself suffering a case of Secretary Spread at her new job, a process only exacerbated by the rest of the staff deciding the chubby newcomer is the new office food disposal. She now has two options; either start looking for a new job in this economy, or accept that she’s going to be filling in her chair rather more thoroughly in the coming weeks and months.

  • Kind of lumped these last two together because they both involve the same core concept. The PC winds up moving in with a relative, in one case to help her Grandmother run her bakery, and in another back with her parents after becoming unemployed and homeless as a result. And in both cases, there’s a relative who thinks the PC is far too skinny for what they have in mind…

Obviously, I’m not sure how well these would work in a game. I’ve been trying to figure something out for the Grandmother and Bakery scenario for some time now, but I keep running into a wall.


I enjoy characters becoming more powerful either directly or indirectly from getting fat