What are your thoughts on a Crossover Adventure?

So I’m currently between projects, and the one I’m working on right now has got me thinking. What if there was a game that featured characters from some of the most popular games in the weight gaming community coming together to embark on an adventure of some kind? Why would they be brought together? How fat could they get together? Is there some malevolent force that threatens the balance of all of their worlds? Can they all work together, or do they have differences they have to work through first? Also, how feasible would it be to get all the rights to the characters? Who would come together to make it?

On a related note, what’s everyone’s thoughts about cameo appearances? I don’t know how else to flesh out this question, but the idea of cameo appearances is one that tickles me anyway.


The Big Fat Vore RPG had plenty of cameo appearances, with a large majority, if not all, being cameo characters. It’s pretty expansive in it’s variety of characters that star in it, so I’d definitely love to see another cameo focused game being made.