What body shape do you prefer?

What body shape do you prefer in yourself or another person? What physical traits?

Honestly kinda depends on the day/mood for me. LOL Most often though I lean toward the hourglass figure followed by just big everything/everywhere. Huge tits are a constant need for me in both myself and others. a big ass is my second most desirable trait.

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SSBBW with a good balance of the three Bs, boobs, butt, and belly, though I am willing to exempt the belly every now and then, basically a big motherly figure


Peary ladies are very much my preference. You don’t need to have huge boobs, but a soft tummy and wide hips are very attractive.


I’d like to be more husky or chubby myself and for other guys I don’t really mind their body shape, but I think chubby is my favourite:)

Apple shape. It’s all about the belly!

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Recently Im In A Apple Shape Mood

I know this topic hasn’t been touched in almost a year, but I’d like to contribute: I prefer to stay on the thinner side, but I’d prefer a partner with a big middle, and an otherwise-pretty-equally-distributed body. (I’m male, and straight, just to clarify) Not a big fan of excessive deposits on the bust and rear, despite those being popular preferences for most guys. I know, I’m weird. But, to quote a variant of a meme, “Dat Belleh.”

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I like a body that can be objectively called fat. I mean someone who is wide in both directions and has a big presence. A big presence is probably my most loved trait out of all because although it can be quite a bit of social pressure, it just feels like I am with a divine being or something. I originally didn’t want to gain too much weight but I have been gaining both because it was good for my health and because otherwise I probably would die without being able to touch a fat body otherwise. My body is sadly not too soft and I imagine a lot of people are softer when fattening than I am, but I still feel more comfortable as a fat person and since my social life was always being isolated there is no real suffering of extra discrimination.

When it comes to art though, I really hate big breasts. The only reason I don’t mind on a real person is because they can’t change what their body grows like too much, while in art it is usually a fixation on breasts that is way too common in art and often the breasts are far from realistic on fat characters.

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Hourglass and pearshape in both guys and gals. I love bellies, butts, thighs and calves.